Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sorry for not blogging sooner. I'm trying to remember what all has gone on since I last blogged.

So, last Wednesday, we had storytime ... and I'm sure that we did something else.
Thursday was storytime in the next town over, complete with doughnuts and snacks for my kidlets (SPOILED!!) and chatting with my dear library ladies and gents.

Bucket, as one of the library guys walked in, asked me, "Mommy! Who 'dat??"
"Oh, that's J[library guy]."
"I love him."
"...Well, don't get your hopes up, girl. He's already married. And his wife is really nice. She works here, too."

When I told him about it, he joked to Bucket that he'd probably be single in a couple decades, when she's old enough. Ha!! (And he better not be. Not that I wouldn't have fun with him as a son-in-law [He's frakkin' HILARIOUS!] ... but his wife is very, very nice and darling. And I'd have to kick him in the shins if he screwed that up. ^_^)

Friday, Michael went into work for a couple hours. I washed the cats and powdered them (FLEAS! HATE FLEAS!!!) and we went to the aquarium while the flea bombs went off.
Bucket and Bruise were very excited to touch sea stars (YES, I HAVE taught them that they are REALLY called sea stars. It was drummed into my head. Ergo, it's drummed into theirs.) and the baby sharks and rays.
They're still skittish about touching the abalone, anenomes, chitons, sea lemon, sea cucumbers, and the urchins. But they love seeing the little crabs in the touch/tidepool display. They'll come around.
Then we went to dinner while we aired the house out. Mexican food = DELICIOUS. I had the chicken mole (it has CHOCOLATE IN THE SAUCE!! And, though it sounds strange at first, it's really, really good. Bucket kept asking for more. ^_^ My little gormand.)

Saturday was spent at home -- C and A and the cousins came over. C climbed under the house to help rid us of the NASTY plastic underneath that some animal in the neighborhood decided to use as a giant toilet. (GROSS!!) While he was down there, a cinderblock got knocked/moved ... some dumb bunny who set up this place (it's a manufactured home ... almost as old as I am) set all the venilation ducts on top of water pipes. And DIDN'T secure the pipes to take the weight. So a pipe broke ... and we were without water for a little.
With four kids needing to use the toilet. Eeps! Thankfully, we were able to get that taken care of in about an hour. Phew!

Oh, and Saturday, I started getting sick. Just a nasty allergy-feeling-thing. Which has turned into a full-blown cold. AND one of my wisdom teeth is really making its presence known. (And guess who doesn't have dental insurance?? [Me.]) So, the last few days, I've been trying to sleep in, drug myself up, blow my nose constantly, hack into my elbow-pit, and NOT sound like death warmed over. Fun!!

We missed the first day of the community's free wading pool (this is the last year for it!!!!) because (1) it was a little cold, (2) the kiddos were not making life easy for me -- so I wasn't in any mood to take them anywhere fun, and (3) I had the plague.

It was mostly a sore throat and a stuffed-up head. Now it's moving out of the head and into my lungs. And I think that I've lost my voice. Just tried to sing a note ... I had nothing. No arias today, my dear self. Nope! Okay, I was able to get one note out.
And my speaking voice is quite breathy -- like I'm imitating Marilyn Monroe. With a wisdom tooth poking itself through. (It's not the pain, my dears. It's the pressure.)
(But ibuprofen takes care of that. Once (1) I take it and (2) it kicks in.)

Yesterday was storytime at the Carnigie building here in town.
The one that Bruise pronounces as "Carney." ("Circus folk. Small hands. Smell like cabbage." <-- Anyone going to name the quote??)

In other news, I am THISCLOSE to catching up on the dishes. The ones that I mostly hadn't done since family went back home after T2's wedding. (I know!! LAZY!!) ... and I have a matric crapload of laundry to wash. (And fold. And put away. Sigh.)

My friend, Roxy, came to visit the other day. And give me fun prezzies!! She gave me two CDs of these fun Japanese singers, Kokusyoku Sumire, and a DVD of anime. ^_^ Of course, I've not been awesome enough to listen to/watch it all yet. AND I forgot to lend her my copy of the complete Princess Ai manga. Crap! Oh well. She and I will be seeing each other next month for SURE, since we're both in M's wedding. I'll just have to make sure that I'm made of awesome and remember to pack it to give to her!

Okay. Now to move a load from the wash into the dryer and get more clothes washed. It'll be nice of I have more than one pair of pants that I can wear. Ugh. And let's get the kiddos to clean their room. And I'm NOT doing it this time!!

Oh -- and Progressive is accepting responsibility for 60% of damages. Yay for some reimbursement! Phew! That's WAY better than paying for everything. Phew!

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Bex said...

My hubs just had to get his right wisdom teeth out - $75 per tooth including shots but not nitrous (which was $500), and a takehome scrip for Vicodin, fancy ibuprofen, and antibiotic just-in-case - so 200ish total for 2 teeth. Bad, but not killer money-wise. Remember, taking them out is the cheapest thing to do - replacing them is what gets expensive (Why, yes, I do have a $700 crown that I was pressured into getting by the scary hygenist, and it would have been $80 to just pull it >:()

Good Luck!

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