Monday, April 27, 2009

Chilly ...

Seriously, after last week, where I had to turn on the air conditioner ... now I'm FREEZING!

Oh well. No big. It's springtime in Oregon! It's not like it's some huge surprise.

I didn't really exercise at all during the weekend. I was good on Thursday, when I used the treadmill before packing and everything for our little trip to visit my folks. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, though? (We got home Saturday evening) Nuttin'.

So, today I tried out my Bollywood Booty DVD that I ordered as a birthday present, thanks to my sweet stepsister sending me a gift certificate to eBay. So I got myself Strictly Ballroom (which, if you haven't seen it, HIE THEE HENCE!!) It's rather darling. And I really like movies that involve dancing. Bride and Prejudice? Excellent! Mrs. Winterbourne? That tango scene? LOVE IT! Even though Dance with Me isn't the bestest movie ever, I still love the dancing. Especially that cute gal ... the one who says, "I wanna do that, too!" Adorable. ... And if you see a version of Shall We Dance, please, for the love of all that is good and holy in the world, see the Japanese version. NOT the Richard Gere remake. Do it for the children! If you don't, the terrorists will win. *intense nodding* Yup, yup.

BUT, as I was saying, I did the WHOLE Bollywood Booty workout. It is pretty fun. And I was sweating GLOWING rather a lot, so I know it's working.

Michael did mention that he can tell that I'm getting more toned around the midsection. Phew!
(also, THANKS, Hon! I appreciate it!)

Well, I don't have a whole lot to share ... nothing really great. If you were wondering about the book review that I posted this morning ... if you join one site, they'll send you a free book to review. Once you post a review on a commercial-type site (Amazon, B&N, etc.) and your blog, you can get another book. For free. To review. And keep.

So, sometime this week, I need to post another review (I've had this book for at least a month ... but there wasn't any due date. The Noticer, however, is available for sale starting tomorrow. They requested reviews be posted today to help generate buzz. And, hey! If you like Mitch Ablom books, totally read this one. It's not the bestest book ever in the history of time or anything, but it was good. And I was able to get through it in an evening. Which helped. Since I'm a terrible procrastinator horribly busy. CLEANING HOUSE and GETTING IN SHAPE FOR THAT WEDDING and reading blogs and playing games on Facebook THINKING ABOUT DOING YARD WORK or READING TO MY CHILDREN ... or something. Yeah.

But I DO need to clean the house (do a load of dishes, sweep, vacuum, fold Mt. Laundry, do another load or two of laundry ... put all that laundry away ... watch a couple of DVDs that will be due tomorrow ... Read and review another book. Read some library books ... Spend time with MAH BAYBEES ... stuff like that).

And get a shower so I don't break out again. Maybe it'd help if I kept with my routine of washing my face at night? Do you think? *rolls eyes*

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