Monday, April 20, 2009


Why does it seem that once you START to get things in order, suddenly EVERYTHING snowballs into a giant whirlwind of "ohmycrap"ness??

So, I am still a little sick. Saturday, Michael and Bucket came down with the creeping crud. Bucket's nearly better today (just stuffy and coughing -- Not like yesterday when my little princess was fine with not going to church, telling me that "I not feel so good"). Bruise woke up last night with a fever and the cough ... he's almost completely better. Phew. Michael's still not feeling 100%, but he's back at work.

I tried on the dress/ensemble/thing that I'll be wearing at my friend's wedding this summer. TOO TIGHT. 
ACK! I should have known that playing all those Facebook games and eating all the food at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter ... and all the candy from and in-between those holidays was going to catch up with me!

SO, I've started a little exercise regime ... and I'm trying to eat more healthfully. I've done my new resistance-bands workout (I got a set with the three bands on sale at Joe's) twice so far this week. And I used my treadmill today. Got to break in my new playlist I spent a good deal of my sick-day yesterday building. (Note to people: "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen? Awesome song for walking/jogging/running. I'll let you guess what most of my half-house on the treadmill was spent doing.)
(Also, I'll be waiting for a couple of weeks for some CDs I put on hold to come in at the library. Yay for more workout music! Yay especially for radio-edits of fun workout songs that I wouldn't be able to listen to around my children otherwise!)

Funny story: The other evening, Michael and the kids were watching YouTube videos on his computer. He started looking up ones with princesses in them for Miss Bucket. One, I guess, had a Britney Spears song ... and after she states, "I'm Britney, b****," he quickly changed that one ... to "My Humps" by Black Eyed Peas. 
That set me off laughing because (1) Michael's uneasy letting the kids listen to PCD (Pussycat Dolls) with their provacative lyrics ... and (2) he OBVIOUSLY wasn't remembering the lyrics in this song ("What you gonna do with all that ***, all that *** inside your jeans?" ... No, I'm NOT going to tell you how I know these lyrics so well. But I will tell you that if you've seen the original BEP music video of "My Humps," that the cover by Alanis Morrisette is right HILARIOUS. Just sayin'.)

In other news, as I was surfing the webernet yesterday, the click-wheel on my mouse up and died. Now I'm using the other mouse that Michael had with his older laptop. ... I don't think I care for it so well. I mean it's sleek and black and has a little cushy bit for your palm to rest on ... Maybe if I try it without my (getting-beat-up) cheap-o mousepad (Hey! It was cute and on clearance at Borders!), it might work better. If not, I'm sure that I have my old mouse still in the shop. Somewhere. Maybe.

Also, while trying to get that new playlist that I worked so hard on onto my iPod, ... well the dang thing wouldn't work. It would tell me that my iPod was corrupted and that I'd have to restore it ... and then it'd say that the restore failed ... but, I did remember that I've recently updated the software and it needed a restart to finish the installation --- Thankfully, that did the trick. Phew! Because I needed a nice, new playlist. It makes me happy.

I also am all anti-social-ish and insomniac. Thanks, Mother Nature. Maybe Miz Britney Spears was referring to you in her intoduction? She sure could have been. I wouldn't really argue. *rolls eyes significantly*

Well, I have T coming over with her son, J. I need to do a load of dishes ... and get a little more caught up on the laundry. Wish me luck. ^_^

Oh, and I don't know how many of you are on Facebook with me. There was a little interesting story there:
I had remarked that I had a virus (the snot-fest that I've mentioned before). I also remarked in my status update that I was feeling lethargic.
One of my friends commented that "That's the pregnancy talking ... did I just tell everyone?"

Funny, sure. Except that people jumped on that. Two of my friends and one of my cousins are all, "Allanna, are you PREGNANT? Are you holding out on us???"

I'm not pregnant. Not at all. (As you can infer from a few paragraphs above, I'm SURE that I'm not pregnant.)

So, because my friend, D, loves to start a rumor (and is completely unrepentant about it, cheeky girl!), I had to change my status to read "Allanna is NOT PREGNANT. SHE HAD A VIRUS. WITH LOTS OF SNOT." ... Well, that's the gist of it.

Though I do have on a pair of my maternity jeans today. Because they're blisfully loose and don't ride up in places that denim should definitely NOT be visiting. NOT because I am a sacred vessel. Because the only thing in my belly is a weight-loss shake from Costco.

Yup, that's how I'm rolling today. 

Now, off to do those dishes. *sigh*


Nay said...

Oh yes, we all have those 'Gack' days. They are there to makes us feel old and appriciate the not-so-'gack' days :-) Hope you 100% soon!

Anonymous said...

I love you... Thanks for the chortle.

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