Monday, April 06, 2009

I hate my sinuses ...

With THAT out of the way,  you should be really proud of us.

This weekend, we (mostly meaning Michael):
  • installed a water line for the new fridge's ice machine/water spout-thing
  • did our taxes
  • cleaned our bedroom
  • cleaned the living room
  • cleaned the stove/oven
  • got it so that the oven's more level
  • watched some DVDs from the libraries
    We watched Fun with Dick and Jane, Horton Hears a Who, ... and we're now on the last disc of season one of Pushing Dasies ... which is REALLY cute.
This morning, I got the kids in some clothes and we (meaning ME) worked on the yard a bit. I filled up the yard waste recepticle with some branches and leaves ... I trimmed some of the shrubbery (oh, how I LOVE that word! Makes me think of Monty Python ... and makes it a little more worthwhile to have itching eyes and a Niagra-like flow from my nose. Yech!) ... I still need to rake a buttload (YES, that IS a technical term) of leaves (the ones that fell since I raked last ... in, like, November) and weed the yard. *sigh*

I need to research some good weed killer-stuff. Any recommendations?

I also finished addressing, sealing, and stamping the invites for my friend's bridal shower. And they are in the mail! Woot!!

Before the Strengthening the Family seminar, I was able to print off some rolls and stuff for Young Women's. Phew!  Now I need to work at getting the May calendar totally ready to be handed out by the ... let's see ... 26th. So I have a little time. Phew.

The kids are sacked out, waiting for me to get lunch ready, watching The Sword in the Stone. 
I have tons of laundry on the bed, waiting for me to fold it. But I'm more than halfway through washing all the dirty clothes. I figure that, after I get the kids to lie down for a nap, I can fold laundry while I watch The Jane Austen Book Club (since it's due back at the library tomorrow) ... and rake another receptical-full of leaves the H out of our yard. And do the dishes (so the kitchen will be almost totally clean. And try and read through a book or two ... And get a shower.

And I need to take a couple things out to the shop ... and grab stuff for dinner while I'm out there. Go me, having ANY idea of what to cook for dinner before 5:30 PM!! Yay me!!

But I've worked on cleaning little bits of our bathroom. And I cleaned the kids' bathroom yesterday. I need to vacuum the kids' room sometime. And I should read to them today.  But our room looks SO GOOD! Like, really, really good. Once I get all the clothes off the bed, I can make the bed and it's gonna look EXCELLENT.

And, before family comes into town, I can get the desk and the kitchen counter all cleaned up ... and we'll be doing great. And maybe my allergies (which I never USED to have this badly ... if at ALL. Stupid dust. And grass pollen. *sigh*) will quit being such a total punk-butt.

Yes, you are in total AWE of my mad vocabulary skillz. (Drat my German classes, though. I keep wanting to spell "vocab" the German way, since it's a totall cognate -- "vokab" ... It's not the only word that I have to remind myself to spell the American/English way, though. Just one of the bigger ones.)

Oh, and, btw, I gave up waxing. I'm happily hair-free and thrilled to be reunited with my razor. I might try a professional waxing sometime. But, really ... I was totalling things up ... and if I got ALL the waxing done I'd want (armpits, whole leg, bikini-area) I'd be spending around a hundred bucks. Ouch. Just THINK of how many books I could buy with that! I could get PAIRS of SHOES! I could buy some hardware for my computer! It ALMOST covers the cost of Publisher 2007 (which I'd like) ... I just don't know. I mean, I can't even bring myself to pay for a PEDICURE, I'm that frugal (read: CHEAPO!!) ... Yeah.

Maybe if we suddenly start raking in the bucks ... and, gosh, if we did, I TOTALLY know how to spend those bucks. I'm so GOOD for the economy, given the chance. ^_^

Gosh, can you tell that I'm kinda tired? Yeah, I am. I'm being even more random than normal ... if such a thing is possible. *sigh*


Kate the Great said...

Wheeee! Go you. You are a rock star.

Now, go fold that laundry, and give yourself a gold star....

I too am in the process of room cleaning (we got rid of a bunch of stuff to storage and now I need to redo the room) and laundry folding (neglected to install tile).

We should just throw a big clean house party when we're both done!

Jennifer said...

Round-up is by far the best in non-lawn areas (get a big thing of it at costco - it's the cheapest). For the lawn area, the best we have found it the Scott's fertilizer with weed killer in it. We have tired various cheaper brands, but the Scott's really works the best and is worth the extra dollar or two. If you don't want a fertilizer for the lawn area, then get the weed-b-gone spray and just spray the weeds.

I'm impressed with all your yard work! I was out doing the same today too - mowing, fertilizing, round-up... Now to get the garden ready :)

Nay said...

Thats quite a to do list! Lots of luck to you! But it really is never ending *sigh* but well worth it! Happy Cleaning!

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