Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Progress ... I think

I am still doing okay on eating more healthfully. I did eat a lot of pizza last night ... but it was so good.

I walked 30 minutes on the treadmill yesterday. 20 minutes today. While the kids are napping, I'm going to do a workout ... maybe two if I really feel productive.

I have a load of dishes to do. But just the one. Which is pretty awesome for me.

The kids are still sick. They're not running fevers today so far ... so hopefully that part is over. They are still coughing and snuffed up (Bucket more than Bruise).  Bucket woke up last night, coughing enough that she threw up. Fun.

I spent most of the kids' naptime yesterday in the shop, going through boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes ... Found a good deal of stuff for starting a little preschool thing, regardless of whether it's with the group of gals from church or if it's just T and me.

I also FINALLY found my workout-type stuff: yoga mat, strap, blocks (which are a little worse for wear), a few weights, some resistant bands/cords. And jump ropes. I also have a new kickball for the kids and a nice long jump rope. If I get another, maybe with some SERIOUS help, I could finally learn how to do double-dutch.
(Knowing how long it took me to learn to jump into a moving jump rope, I have some deep reservations on trying double-dutch. It looks AMAZINGLY cool when other people do it ... I just have some phobias about being hit in the face with those spinning ropes. Eeeps.)

I really wish that all health plans would cover chiropractic and massage. 
I'm just saying. My back isn't terribly sore or anything. 
And the massage? Total bonus. I think that everyone would be so much better off with a weekly massage to look forward to. Wouldn't you agree?

And I think that pedicures should be covered under mental health procedures. Maybe that's because I always feel so much happier and more feminine when my little piggies are all pretty and pampered.

Yeah, if I ran the world, there would be some things that would be quite different. Like, prisoners wouldn't have any priviliges that the common citizen doesn't. 
I'm just saying that *I* don't get free cable or healthcare or gym benefits. And I'm one of the taxpayers.
I also think that second-time offenders need to make TOTAL reparations ... and maybe have a swift removal from all forms of society. Yeah, check me out, Mizz Mercifulificity. (Can you tell that I'm a little angsty and hormonal?)


Total different topic: My kiddos are cute.

As I was on the treadmill, listening to my iPod, Bruise and Bucket are bouncing around, "Mommy, you exercising! You walking! You exercising so you feel better!!"

Yeah, I do have my own little cheerleading section. Which ... well, totally rocks.

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Nay said...

Love the cheering section! I have a running commentary at my house. Sounds like excercising is going well. You're an inspiration! Keep up the good work!!!

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