Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How's YOUR day? *head tilt*

The kids climbed in bed with me around 6:15. Before Michael has even let for work. 
I WAS asleep.

I tried to doze.

Then my dear, sweet, demure daughter farted in my face. (Not on purpose, but STILL.)

A few minute later, I realized my back was wet. Why?

Then I came to the realization that my back was WARM and WET.

Bucket had wet through her Pull-Up.

In our bed.

All before 7 AM.

Now it's a quarter after 8. I need to exercise, shower, get the kids dressed, and take them to storytime.

And actually do the dishes and fold/put away the laundry today. I NEED to do it.


So, um, yeah ... How's your day going?


Kate the Great said...

My day: I left my cell phone in the car while setting up for our Enrichment meeting.

A realtor calls and leaves me a message saying they'd like to see my house at 12:15. I get the message at 11:58 am. I am at Winco. It takes exactly 15 minutes to get from my house to Winco.

Why is this important you might ask... because there was a giant pile of laundry (really only three loads) sitting on our bedroom floor and our bed wasn't made. And the baby's room was messy and smelled like dirty diapers.

I drove faster than I've ever managed to make that drive and got the babies room and all of the laundry picked up before they rang the door bell. I was hoping to be out before they got there, but hte fact that I made it there with enough time to hide all three loads and clean the room up was amazing.

Really though, who looks at a house on a Wednesday afternoon? Moral of the story, always carry your cell phone with you, and make your bed everyday.

Nay said...

Why is it that our worst days involve bodily funtions?? BTW I looked into the Thomas Nelson book review. I love to read but have a hard time finding newer books that aren't offensive (language, violence, etc...). So I decided to sign-up, simply to get a free book and know what I'm getting is good stuff. Hope you don't mind a copycat, but thank you!!

Satina said...

Benn there...felt that...just think, someday your child will be 10 and you have to ASK for hugs and cuddles. At least then they won't pee on you...they do still fart sometimes! Uhg!

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