Monday, September 24, 2012

Reporting Back for Service!

Sorry for deserting you (yet AGAIN) ... Okay, let's see what I've been up to ...

  • The kids had school pictures. I ordered everything online ... and printed out the picture passes for them.
    Somehow, Bruise's pass disappeared by the time he got to school. So I, between phone calls with an office aide (also mother of twins), got a QUICK shower, threw on clothes, printed out a new pass, and scurried over to the school, lugging Bubble's car seat, to drop it off. PHEW!!!!
    I was horribly sweaty by the time the whole ordeal was over!
  • We helped landscape a park for our church's Day of Service a couple weeks ago.
    I now know how to spread mark mulch like a pro not-TOTAL-amateur.
    Bruise had fun helping Bishop H (from another ward. But we USED to all be in the same ward. He's known us since Bruise and Bucket were 1) drive a utility vehicle ... like how I used to get to "help" my Pop-pop drive the riding lawn mower.
  • I taught the RS lesson a couple weeks ago. It went really well. Even though I had gals from the Stake RS in there. Ha ha ha. I barely had to talk, which was great. And I had TONS of participation from my awesome RS sisters. I wore Bubbles in the Moby wrap and she was well-behaved for the entire lesson ... besides trying to grab papers that I held. Ha ha ha.
    So ... sisters in RS think that I'm awesome for some reason. It's sweet that they're so delusional. :P
    Bubbles is happy as long as she's held. (I was hoping that she'd be asleep the whole time ... oh well. But she was happy and QUIET.)
    My favorite compliment was from our friend in the Stake RS Presidency. She liked that she couldn't even tell that I was reading the lesson as I was teaching. (Thanks, Mom!! You raised a good reader!!)
  • I taught the kids' Primary class yesterday. There were four kids in there. It went well. Bruise and Bucket told me that I did a great job. ^_^ Awww!
  • Our ward (but anyone interested is invited!) has started up a free Zumba class on Tues/Thurs mornings. I survive ... but, OH MY, is my face red by the end of the class. And I'm sweaty and breathing hard for what feels like FOREVER ... because I'm out of shape and have no stamina.
    But I've made it through a week of classes. And I'll be there this week, too. ... And hopefully, I can keep it up indefinitely! I've got some baby weight (and more) that needs to be sent packing!
  • My Grampy and his wife (so, technically, my step-grandmother, but she's rather young for that ...) came up to visit. Which meant that I got my house clean. We had a nice visit and all went out to dinner.
  • There was a funeral for a friend's father this weekend. Very sad ... I mean, I know that he's not hurting or anything anymore ... But we're going to miss him.
  • The kids got their flu shots on Friday (Bubbles got the first of hers, since the first time flu shots are done in two doses for littles. She goes back next month for her other shot). They did pretty well. Not a whole ton of screaming and crying.
    Saturday, I went to Safeway and got mine ... bringing Bruise and Bucket back with me to see me get mine and if I cried. Which I didn't. However, I told them my tricks: Don't look at the needle. It hurts less. Don't tense up. It hurts less. Don't hold your breath. It hurts less ... AND I got an awesome bandage.
    I was telling the kids that I probably wouldn't get a cool band-aid like they had, since grown-ups usually just get plain ones. BUT!! The pharmacist opened another drawer and let me choose what kind of COOL bandage I wanted. (MUPPETS, all the way. So I sported an Animal bandage on my way out. Oh yes!)
    Now, I need to take the kids along when I donate blood ... so they can see that I can ALSO handle BIG needles. Since immunization needles are dinky in comparison to those ones.
  • Michael and I watched Shuffle last night.
    It was REALLY GOOD.
    Michael wasn't surprised by bits, since he's pretty much Sherlock Holmes and can piece together everything. But the acting was really excellent. So was the soundtrack. The story was well-written ... I cried a bit. (Though I AM due for PMS anytime now, not going to lie.)
    Michael admitted that he ALMOST shed a tear or two near the end.
    But, really, it's an awesome story. I need to buy it.
    If you're wondering what else is kind of like it, if you've seen Validation (with TJ Thyne. The full short movie is on YouTube), it's by the same writer. And I love that one DESPERATELY, too.
    ... Also ... I may have a little crush on TJ Thyne. He just seems to be such a lovely, kind man.
    Reminds me of Michael, I suppose. ^_^
  • I've been getting through some library books. Always a plus. Now, I'll need to return some tomorrow. And pick up another hold.
  • I also have read through the first half of Schooled by Tali Nay. I bought it (1) to support her, since we went to high school together ... and (2) ... to see who I could recognize in the chapters about high school. (I was a year ahead of her in high school.)
    Well, except for the people in her class, I think I recognized almost everyone. And I got a chuckle of some of the name changes ... especially for the towns and schools.
    Mom asked if I found myself mentioned in there ... No. But Tali and I didn't cross paths a whole, whole lot. (Now, the question asked during the kissing scene from Music Man? ... I'll admit that, though not mentioned, that was totally Stevie and me talking. I think it was Stevie who made that remark ... whereas I? I was the one watching and muttering back to her, "Their jaws just moved in sync. Are they REALLY kissing? Like FRENCH KISSING?!?" ... Seriously, Stevie and I should have brought a microwave to have made popcorn as we analyzed. Gosh, it makes me miss her and the rest of the Comedy Troupe SO DANG MUCH when I reminisce like that. *sigh*)
    Now, I need to read through the second half of the book, where Tali's gone off to college ... and I won't recognize ANYONE, since we didn't attend the same college at all. But her writing is fun, so it'll be nice. I just won't get to feel all sneaky and tabloid-trashy reading it. ;P
I think that's about everything ... everything fit to print. Ha ha.

Yeah. At least, for now.

Oh, in other (NOT) news, I totally LOVE the Essie "Penny Talk" polish. I had it on my fingers last week. I had to redo my toes ... so now my toes are all pretty and shiny. Why is "Penny Talk" never in stock at the local Target? And why does it have to be a limited release?!?!?!??? Because, if I had a bazillion dollars, I'd totally be stocking up on it RIGHT NOW.
Just sayin'.


Robin said...

What time is this Zumba class? I would LOVE to attend and get some exercise...although I have no idea how I could make that work...

Allanna said...

It's at 9:30 in the morning.

It's fine if you bring kids. I have Bubbles with me ... and the teacher has an ALMOST 18-month-old and a Kindergartener with her.

(The other six ladies who've been there either don't have kids or their kids are in school.)

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