Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Odd bit

So, in my dream last night ... since I wasn't too tired to remember dreaming, Mom and I took me to the hospital. Since I had something wrong with me.

They did a blood test. And I was diagnosed with something to do with bumps around my delicate bits, so to say. So, I had to get a prescription for some ointment.
And I had no idea how much this all was going to cost.

Also, my OB was there ... and she was HUGE with child. In fact, she went into labor and had her baby, between shifts, in a remarkably short amount of time.
And she was very, very tired ... so, since her baby daughter needed to eat, I fed her.

Later, Mom and I were getting into her car and loading up my brood of children ... and it was dark outside.

I have no idea what it all means ... but, hey! At least I wasn't too exhausted to even remember my dream this time. So that's ... something, right?

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