Wednesday, September 12, 2012

About Bubbles

Now that Bubbles is six months old, I should write about her, shouldn't I?

Nicknames (besides Bubbles): Munchkin/Munchie/MiniMunch, SmellyNelly, Droolers

Overall personality: Amiable. She's a very, very cheerful girl. Strangers (and friends) remark on how smiley she is.

She's a good nurser and falls to sleep easily. ... She doesn't STAY asleep as well as I might wish, but it's pretty cute when she's ready for nap (and I FINALLY pick up on it). I'll lay her down and put a blanket on her. She'll grab the blanket, plunk a thumb in her mouth, and roll over, ready to sleep.

She loves to try new foods. She gets miffed if I'm eating and don't offer her food.
Of everything we've offered her, she likes almost everything. Except purees (I gave her a banana-zuchini-amaranth puree. She will eat some. But she's not enthusiastic about it) and fresh raspberries. She also didn't seem to love the Tempura sweet potatoes that I gave her (she liked the other tempura vegetables, though).

However, she does like tortillas, bread, mashed potatoes, chicken, yakisoba, chicken Shawarma gyros with tomato and tzatziki sauce, and basil leaves (out of my turkey pesto panini). She also likes chicken and wild rice soup and Creme au Caramel Rooibos tea. She will eat those puffs that they make for babies. She doesn't seem to have a real preference as far as the flavor of puff is concerned.

She refuses to drink out of a bottle. She prefers to drink out of a cup, when offered, but will accept a sippy cup.

She loves bath time.

She likes to be held. As constantly as possible.
But she can handle being set down. As long as she can SIT, not lie down.

She gets VERY excited when Michael comes home and will fuss until he holds her.

She loves music.
Right now, though, it appears that dubstep is a favorite genre. If I put on a Skrillex song, she'll start, mouth agape, at the computer for the whole song.

She managed to pull herself into a sitting position in her bassinet/pack'n'play today.
I went into our room and, there she was -- sitting there and grinning at me.

She laughs ... but it sounds a lot like her cry.
She coughs for attention.
She doesn't care for her car seat ... unless we're in motion. And sometimes, not even then.

She likes that we wear her. Michael has a carrier that he used with Bruise and Bucket.
I use a sling or my Moby (which are more comfortable than the carrier that I used with Bruise and Bucket).

Bubbles is getting really close to crawling. The kiddos' toys won't be safe for long.
Neither will Freyja-cat.

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