Friday, September 28, 2012


So ... it's 12:30 in the morning and I'm here ... blogging.

I mean, isn't it enough that I had about my worst ever vocal audition in the evening?
(I went first. I hadn't thought to warm up at all. My voice, though Michael assures me I was on-key, was warbly as hell [thanks, nerves! Also, thanks for making me sweat enough that I worried I was having a hot flash! Body, you're AWESOME. /sarcasm] and my voice broke, noticeably, MULTIPLE TIMES.)

Well, Michael's audition was VERY good. He shouldn't have been nervous at all.
Bruise and Bucket who were both GOING to audition, were overtaken by nerves ... so it was left up to us to do it.

Ugh. I'd love a do-over. Since I got to perform THAT badly in front of about 20+ people. Yeah.

Though, thankfully, one of the girls that was there said that I sounded lovely and shouldn't worry.
(Yes, of course I liked her BEFORE she said that. ... Now, really, I would bare her children. Or make her brownies. Definitely owe her some brownies.)

But, the real reason that I'm up is that one of our friends decided to send me a text. At around midnight.
But it was sent, not to my cell, which is set to vibrate as we're sleeping ... but to the house phone.
And it was in multiple parts ... each sent about five minutes apart.

So, first call, we wake up ... I sprint out of bed in my been-asleep-for-maybe-twenty-minutes haze and grab a phone from the front room. Get a computerized voice. Disconnect. Head back to bed where Michael was ALMOST about to put Bubbles back in her crib, after she fell asleep eating in our bed. ... But the phone's woken HER up, too.

I get her calmed down ... in time for the SECOND text-to-landline call to come through.
I text my friend, since I've finally figured out what's going on, telling her that the texts are being sent to the home phone. And it's late. But I hope the house-hunting is going well.

I feed the little girl again, unable to fall asleep myself ... get her ready for crib-time ... and ANOTHER text-to-landline call comes through. I press "one" to respond via voice, since obviously the last text didn't work.
"[Friend], you're texting the home phone. It's after midnight. We love you ... but we NEED SLEEP."

The texts appear to have stopped. But .... I can't fall asleep now.

Seriously ... I managed to keep it together about my heinous audition.
I need to be able to wake up, get showered and dressed, get the kids' lunches together and them onto the bus, go out with a friend (which involves driving ... and we know what a complete wuss I am about that ...), finish the Netflix DVD (one more episode of "The Walking Dead" on it), and go to a bridal shower.

With Bubbles' apparent "I only nap for about 45 minutes at a time," there's no way for me to get a nap.

I think I might have to imbibe in a medicinal Cherry Coke. Or a Vanilla Coke. Or a Cherry Vanilla Coke.

But something's got to give.

I'd say it'd be my sanity ... but that's looooooooong gone. If I ever had any to begin with.

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