Friday, September 30, 2011

In which I bemoan Call Waiting

SO ... I was helping the kids work on homework yesterday when my uncle called.
And, when he calls, it's for computer stuff.
He doesn't have a computer. He's blind, in fact ... but it's to have me look up stuff on the internet for him -- phone numbers, websites (if they exist), addresses, books -- and it's NEVER a quick little call, bless his heart.

BUT, Bruise was in the middle of reading a book aloud. I was NOT going to interrupt that. I'm not stupid.

And my uncle called back today. Which is fine.

EXCEPT that he's the one who called ME and, not one but TWICE, "Oh, my call-waiting is going off. I'll call you back later."
And I waited around for at least a half-hour for him to finish his conversation with another friend before he called back.

Um ... not to be really a stickler for etiquette, BUT (I'm just going to point out) if YOU call someone for favors ... heck if YOU call a person, wouldn't it be more polite to just ignore that call-waiting and have your conversation? If you think it's important, then BY ALL MEANS, wrap up your call in a speedy manner.

Now, I'll admit that if _I_ was the one who had called HIM, I wouldn't be so peeved about him hanging up and calling me back.
(That's one reason I kinda hate the telephone at times ... I have a niggling worry deep in my heart that I'm always calling at a bad time/that I'm annoying people by calling/etc.)
BUT, if _I_'m the one calling, then SURE, if you need to get the other line, call me back later.

BUT, if YOU call ME ... and then you take call-waiting ... I'm sorry. Unless it's an emergency, you've totally made me feel like maybe you don't really care. Because obviously my time is totally expendable and maybe getting my help isn't any big issue at all.

Just sayin'.

Oh ... by the way, I don't have call-waiting on the regular phone. We're cheap.
It's on my cell phone ... and I don't always use it. I mean, isn't that what voicemail is for?
Besides, I think I can count the times that I've gotten a call-waiting beep on my cell on one hand (if you don't count when I've been leaving a voicemail and then the person calls me back mid-message).

The only real reason that I've noticed for getting call-waiting ... if you have teenagers in your house. Then it's kinda vital. Or if you run a home business or something. And, even then, I might just opt for voicemail and Caller ID.

Okay ... I'll get over this in, like, about 45 minutes. But right now?

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