Friday, July 29, 2011

Oh baby ...

Why won't you let me eat?

And WHY must you make me throw up even after taking my medicine today?
The medicine that's supposed to make me NOT throw up.

Though, I'll admit ... finding a stray toothbrush bristle in my mouth did NOT help matters.

Now I'm put off cottage cheese ... and that's one of the few foods that I could eat and keep down (*darkly* until NOW. *sigh*).

Well, little one, I'm going to demand that if you're not going to let ME eat, you had better suck alla this "food storage" off my bones. If I'm going to be THIS SICK, you had better do YOUR part and have me looking like a supermodel by the time you're born.

Then, I had BETTER be able to eat Death by Chocolate or something WONDEROUS while nursing you. Just to make up for it. Since I'll be needing those extra calories anyways.

Really, get your act together. Or whip that placenta into shape.
I do NOT want to have to get IVs for my nutrients. Just sayin'.
I mean, sure, I love you, little fetus ... but I have a LIFE and a FAMILY to take care of ...

Gotta cut this short, baby of mine. Your siblings need me to drive them to swim lessons.
It's the FUN (final) day today. I want to watch them have fun ... not be comatose with nausea.
So you'd better behave.
If you know what's good for you.

Hey, that's a joke (mostly).
Really, just stop making me throw up. Or feel exhausted and nauseated.
The house needs cleaning.
And I'm sick (literally) and tired of getting the urge to puke from just walking through the kitchen.
It's my own kitchen. I shouldn't have to hold my breath as I walk through it.

And Dr. M is going to get after me, I'm sure, if I drop TOO much weight.
(Which may or may not be preferable to her getting after me for gaining too much ... as I did with your brother and sister. It's debatable ... since it hasn't happened yet.)

If nothing else, I'm making sure that I'll remember to take my second pill at 4 today. *sigh*

Really, little one, if nothing else, I don't want dentures. Stop making me have floods of stomach acid swirling through my teeth. THAT. IS. AN. ORDER. FROM. YOUR. MOTHER.

Thanks. I'd appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Also, in about ten weeks? Please don't be modest. I want to know who's in there. I think it's silly to just call you "the baby."
I know, sweetie. I know. Your mom's crazy. You'll get used to it.


Sara W. said...

I would love to have Bruce and Zoe over sometime soon. I'm so close, please don't hesitate to call if you are feeling too sick, I can take the kiddos.

Allanna said...

I have awesome friends.
Just sayin'. ^_^

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