Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Another blog in which I catch up ...

So, what's gone on this last week ...

  • The kids finished swim lessons. They didn't pass. But they were close. Next time (which will be in two weeks' time).
  • Tuesday, we went to a Summer Reading program. I thought it was going to be the magic show ... no, that was LAST week. This was a puppet show. And the kids liked it. Phew!
  • Wednesday, my mom came up ... and stayed through until Friday (to get the kids signed up for swim lessons). 
  • Thursday, Bri came over and did my hair. I'm a blonde now. I can't swear that it's more fun, but it is a nice change. She'll add highlights before my cousin's wedding. And some teal in the back.
  • Friday, Mom headed back home after we got the kids Slurpees. Also, it was pay day.
  • Saturday, we went to the zoo ... and it wasn't nearly as crowded as I was worried it would be. Phew!
    Then we went to Home Depot. And then to Costco (needed groceries. And to have my tires checked. All clear! Now to get an oil change and new brakes!)
  • Sunday, I ended up helping teach Bruise and Bucket's class. One of their teachers called Saturday night ... she had last-second family plans with her family and wouldn't be at chuch, so, Michael, could you sub? Sure! ... Except that Michael's TEACHING ELDERS' QUORUM during the kids' lesson. So I took one for the team. ... And, well, I have to say that my kids are pretty well-behaved. Phew! (Though that could have to do with the fact that they're the oldest ones in their class.)
    One of my friends complemented my hair. She LOVES it when I make a change. ^_^ Glad to please somebody, right? ^_^ Well, someone besides myself. ^_^
  • Monday (yesterday) ... Went to Safeway while Michael cut the grass and the kids watched a show inside. Came back, sliced up some lettuce. Pam came over and I colored her hair. (Cute!) Then I tried to get a nap.
    Later, we went up to Mom and Dad C's ... where, after I offered to help T1 slice up some veggies for the taco feed, I sliced off a bit of my finger. ... Yeah, not smart. No pictures yet, since whenever I change the bandage (at this point), it starts bleeding again. Oy.
    And we stayed up waaaaaay too late, of course. :P
    And that's not counting the three times I nearly passed out from bandaging my finger (I'm normally not so skittish. What's with me?)
And, yeah ... I think that's all the important stuff.
And I'm tired of typing with nine fingers. So I'm closing up.

On the bright side, the kids slept in until after 7:30 ... if you don't count when Bruise woke up around 6:30 to crawl into bed (and promptly fall back asleep) with me (as I read a few chapters of The Guinea Pig Diaries by A.J. Jacobs).

I'm ready for a nap.

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