Thursday, July 28, 2011


Okay, so it's established that I am with child.
I have morning sickness (which, THIS PREGNANCY, is NOT relegated solely to the mornings. Pity).

BUT ... this is what's just weird:

Sometimes (and especially when I'm nauseated/just-did-something-involving-a-sink-or-a-commode-due-to-the-nausea-if-you-know-what-I-mean-and-I-think-you-do)


Like nasty overly-sweet cheapo-vanilla-flavored candy-type sweet.

It's so gross.

I just took my anti-nausea pill (which I probably needed because I haven't felt hungry, so I haven't eaten much, today) ... because I NEEDED to take that pill.

(Stomach acid? Not very yummy.)

And, now I'm drinking a glass of milk (getting the calcium -- 3 servings/daily -- for the bean!) ... and it tastes like someone's dumped sugar.
In my glass of milk.

Normally, my darling, I am ALL ABOUT THE SWEETS.

Not so much (at all) this pregnancy.
As in, I'll eat something sweet if someone gives it to me ... but I have NO cravings for sweets.

I'm all about the savory. (Like Broccoli Cheese soup ... Taco Bell's nacho cheese ... THOSE are my real cravings thus far this pregnancy. ... And then my stupid body pulls a "return to sender," ifkwim. Aityd. Gross.)

So, for most of the time, I'll PUSH myself to eat SOMETHING. Just so I won't throw up.

Seriously, little fetus ... WHAT'S WRONG WITH FOOD???? DO YOU NOT LIKE IT????
I used to LOVE food. As in, I harbored a near-unhealthy adoration of it.
Now ... it's like I've given it up for Lent (although it's totally the wrong time of year for that. ... I don't think I'll even BE pregnant when Lent rolls around. Oh, well, maybe the beginning of Lent. Where's a calendar? HA! It starts the 22 of February. Right around my due date. So, I'll make it to a bit of Lent. Not that I celebrate it ... but still, good to know.)

Also, I don't know if my anti-nausea pill tastes like candy (since you let it dissolve in your mouth) or if it's just my body being all funky.
And not the GOOD kind of funk. (The good kind? See below:)

(THAT, my darlings, is the good kind of funk. ... Truth be told, I'm still a little jealous that one of my friends got that CD. Good times. I still rather long for it. Though, I think I have most of the tracks now. ^_^)

But, yeah. This pregnancy is different.
More exhausted. More nausea. ... and it's only 9 weeks in. Almost 10.
I'll enjoy eating again someday, right?
More than two meals a day, right?
I'll be able to THINK about eating chocolate and other decadent treats someday, right?

Until then, I'll just watch that commercial for Pure Funk and be amused. Oh, how I love that commercial.
(I also wanted the Pure Disco CDs, too. But this had the more entertaining commercial. ^_^)


Kate the Great said...

That was happening to me for the entire first trimester of this pregancy too. Not sure what it was that did it, but it made drinking any liquid right after tossing my cookies quite hard.

Sorry babe!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so this is what I get for not following your blog more carefully: YOU'RE PREGGO!?! Congrats! Also, my sister-in-law had hyperemesis (aka constant puking) for both of her pregnancies. For the first, it lasted until 17 weeks, then the meds got it under control. For the second? It lasted until delivery. Boo. Here's to hoping your meds kick in better than hers did. BUT. The good news is now that she's delivered, she can eat ANYthing. And it's fabulous.
Finally: That commercial was gold. And that actor really did not know the words to Lady Marmalade. They're Voulez vou coucher avec moi, ce soir. Get it right, dude.

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