Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Well, I think I'm officially losing it ... my mind, that is, not any fat (sadly)


On the fourth, I sliced my finger.
On the fifth, I realize that I've locked my keys in the car.
Last night, I grab the phone charger and, somehow, convince myself that it's not the right charger for my phone.
But I KNOW that I grabbed the right one when I was leaving Mom and Dad C's ... and this is the only one that was in my purse.
I come to the (correct) conclusion that, no, that one REALLY IS the RIGHT charger.

For some reason, I forgot what shape it should be. I was thinking it was supposed to be the OTHER shape ... the shape of the jack for the GPS or the Bluetooth.

At this point, I'm surprised that I'm even wearing pants.
(And I'm glad that I AM, since I ran out to get gasoline in the car. And I had to nip out of the car to put in my PIN. So, if I DIDN'T have on pants, that would have been really embarrassing.
And probably drafty.)

I'm trying not to wonder if there's a village missing its idiot right now.


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Drafty might be good in this heat. 'wink'

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