Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some other news ... In case you wanted to know ...

Yeah, this is what it looks like.

Just the one. My OB looked long and hard to make sure. Since we NEEDED to know. ^_^

This is the reason that I've been sick as a dog and crazy-hormonal.

The bean has a healthy heartbeat. The anti-nausea drug did its job (THANK GOODNESS).

I'm due in late February ... I'm kinda hoping to make it to Leap Year. I mean, when else will I have this opportunity?

Funny coincidence -- The kiddos (Bruise and Bucket) are both, according to Chinese astrology, roosters. Like me.
This one will be a dragon. Like Michael.

The kiddos are excited. Even though I won't be having another set of twins.
Bucket hopes it's a girl. Bruise is wanting it to be a boy.
But they do assure me that they'll be okay either way. ^_^

Bucket did tell me, as she rubbed my feet (this is a new occurrence. Not that I'm complaining!!), that I should have TWO babies. So she and Bruise can rub my feet and the new kids can rub my arms.
I like how she thinks.

Also, how I cut my finger? I was horribly distracted. Since I had just done a home test a few hours earlier. And we didn't want to tell anyone until it was confirmed. (Which it was on the sixth at the local health clinic).
Then ... I kinda was sitting on it (except for mostly family) until we knew how many were in this clown car of a uterus. Ten? Twenty?
Just the one.
I'm a little relieved. I was worried that there'd be triplets. (I knew I could handle twins. But triplets? That scares me.)

In other news, it's really nice to have health insurance again. And I just got put on WIC. I have anti-nausea meds, so I'm not throwing up multiple times a day. (It's really nice to keep food down and not feel like tossing my cookies all the time. Even when I hadn't eaten anything. Yeah. Nauseated if you do, nauseated if you don't. ... That's how it was.)

Still, another 11 weeks before I get to find out who's in there.
At least I know that s/he has a heartbeat. And is alone in there.
I'll feel better once I feel him/her move. Because that's the best part. Since you KNOW s/he's ALIVE. You can start keeping tabs on the kiddo yourself.

... I would almost consider a home birth. But really? I love me my epidural. And the nurses are all so, so nice where I birthed last time (and I'll be going back). And there's a spa-bathtub there.
If I had a spa bathtub here ... and wasn't a bit of a wuss ... and if I didn't miss my awesome nurse-ladies, I MIGHT consider it. But, really, I would like to see my nurses again. And get cable TV.

A girl's got to have her priorities. :P


Rebecca said...

Congrats! Hope you are on your way to feeling well into your 2nd trimester! Hooray for babies!

Kate the Great said...

How the heck did I not know you were pregnant!!!!

Congrats. Love how the kids reacted. Go leap year; odd birthdays are the best!

Allanna said...

Rebecca - Thanks!

Katie - Um ... probably because I wasn't telling people right away. I mean, it's only about two-and-a-half weeks later than when we started telling people about the twins.
But it seems a LOT earlier.
I mean, we did tell family as soon as we knew and had it confirmed (about 6 weeks).
But, especially for me, sitting on something for THREE WEEKS?? That's not normal. :P

Brooke said...

I feel lucky that I guessed, so I could know did I know? hmmm.... my uncle eric thinks I am a psychic... I think Eric is full of crap. Congrats sweet are a great mom who will only get better!

And you have cute little beans...I am assuming that happened because you are so cute.

alwaysmom said...

That is great news. Think of this as much more relaxing than last time. Also the 15 minutes to get to a hospital if your home birth goes awry would seem like 15 years. OH!OH! I am currently experimenting with a baby cocoon pattern. I will show you and see if you want one.

Sara said...

OMIGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So when I saw your blog was up dated and I only saw the title and I thought I wonder if she's pregnant and decided to read it later. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm so so so so happy for you. K, I'll read the rest of your post now :).

april b said...

Congratulations! Wow! I hope it is a Leap Year birthday. That would be awesome!

leilani said...

Congratulations!!! Leap day would be cool. Only now I'm going to be singing "When You Had Left Our Pirate Fold" all day. You will have to teach it to the bean if 29 February is their natal day as payback. ;)

Kari said...

Congrats Allanna (and family)! I hope you feel great quickly!

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