Monday, June 27, 2011

Good gravy ... it's been so long since I've blogged.
I don't even remember what I've blogged about last. ... Let's go take a look .... Oh, okay.

So, since Michael's become a REAL Engineer (as opposed to an Engineer-in-Training), life has picked up a bit.
Now, just to make it until Friday (payday ... and when we find out if the kids passed this bout of swim lessons ... but I'm getting ahead of myself).

Let's see ...
  • We went to OMSI and saw the new Narnia exhibit (you've got until September to see it).
    It was cool to see a lot of the props and costumes from the movies. And there was a bit about climate control (since that's what the White Witch was doing, really. Pretty overtly).
    We also tried to do a tour of the submarine, but they said we were too late.
    When I got home, it SAID on the website that the tours actually went late enough that we were in time for the last one. Oh well. It was a long enough day.
    Only made longer by the WONDERFUL Portland rush-hour traffic. *gags*
  • The kids started swimming lessons. They're having a lot of fun with them. And they're doing a WHOLE lot better than last year.
    I don't know HOW MUCH, EXACTLY, is due to the fact that they aren't rotating through teachers like last time (and we were warned that this would happen when we had signed up last year) and how much is due to their current teacher, Bob, and the fact that he's AMAZING.
    (The man is an EXCELLENT teacher. That was obvious from just a few minutes into the first class. He's got it all down pat -- he knows how to listen to them ... and how to get THEM to listen to HIM.)
    And I've enjoyed chatting with the other two moms of the other two kids in the class.
  • We went down to visit family this last weekend. FINALLY saw Nana (it's been a couple months, iirc. Eeps). And we went to "Art in the Park" as we like to refer to it. I bought a pair of earrings (which broke this morning. Oops. They were only $6, so it's not TERRIBLE. And I'm pretty sure I can fix them easily). ... Then we stayed with Mom and my stepdad. Then we swung by for a visit with Dad and L. And made it home to play our Lego Harry Potter board game. (Bruise LOVES it. We've played it at least 4 times in two days.)
  • Got the Savior of the World audition results. I'm one of Mary's (many) aunts. No real lines, if I recall. Just "SHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" a couple of times. And some songs. No solos. Nothing too crazy.
    My Bri-Bri is Mary, so that's really cool. ^_^ And there are tons of great people in the cast, so it'll be fun to do. The summer vocal rehersal schedule given, though ... may be a little problematic. Since it conflicts a LOT for Bri and my summers. (She works. We've got some family obligations ... all on my side. ... So .... yeah. Hopefully things will all work out. ... But I was upset enough about it that a load of dishes is in the dishwasher and all the crap's cleaned out of the car.)
  • Got some new tires on the van. Not ALL of them. Just replaced the bald ones. Which is important, since, y'know, I've got those family obligations to be at.
    (And really, I'd be P.O.'ed to miss my cousin's wedding because a tire blew.)
  • Michael and I celebrated his birthday by using our movie theater gift cards (and Mom C watched the kiddos) and watched X-Me: First Class. And we liked it. (And I liked that we got a Cherry Coke. Yum. ... I also snagged us free popcorn. And the balance on my gift card (from last year) was enough to get us a box of candy). Good times.
  • Mom and I took the kiddos to a Summer Reading Program --- a Chamber Music quartet performance. About Aesop's fables.
  • I ordered books yesterday ... and thanks to the gift card from Mom and Dad C for my birthday (yeah, I am bad at using gift cards right away. But I do use them! And love them!), I got three books shipped for only $0.23 out of pocket. I was pretty darn happy! Now Michael and I will be able to finish reading the Uglies series (Scott Westerfeld).
In other news, Bucket snuggled up to me as we were playing the board game yesterday, and sweetly told me, "Mom, I love you. ... Even when you're stinky."
"What?" I gasped. "Are you telling me that I smell bad??"
"But I still love you," she simpered.


But, today, we had a good time hanging out at Costco while they put new tires on the van (and rotated the back [old, but good] tires to the front).
For what it's worth, the cheese pasta with lobster is REALLY GOOD. ... But I still don't know what lobster tastes like, really. But THAT was yummy.
And Bruise has learned that he DOES like salsa (even though he wouldn't even try the orange chicken. But he DID have a tiny bite of the pasta. So that's progress).

Also, also, my allergies seem to be back again. Crap. I'll have to start taking my fake-Zyrtec again. Since my nose is itching like CRAZY.

I'm sure that I've left out stuff. Oh well. But I think that I've gotten MOSTLY caught up now.

I can haz naptime, plz???

(Answer: NO. U can haz making-fudz-time, slacker.)

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