Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Those children of mine ...

Bruise wanted us to buy him a Darth Maul Lego set, since we were headed to Target on Monday.

Michael: Bruise, I don't think they have any there.
Bruise: Well, then, yoo'll just hafta wook HARDER.

This morning, since I wasn't here to put the kids to bed last night ... I had noticed one of the volumes of fairy tales on a table.

Me: So, kiddos, which story did Daddy read to you last night?
Bucket: One about a man with a blue mustache. And he kills people. Wives that he marries.And puts them on his wall.

It tickles me that that's how she summarizes Bluebeard.

But the kids didn't have any nightmares, so that's all fine.

Blue mustache ... I'd understand blue WHISKERS ... Mustache. Ha.

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