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Come, Listen to a Prophet's Voice - Part 2

Okay, here's a General Conference continuation ...

Sunday Morning Session:

President Henry B. Eyring-
(Can I just pause to say how much I adore him? I know it's been, like, FIVE YEARS, but it was AMAZING to be in his presence at our Stake Conference. Bri and I got to sit next to each other, in the choir. He thanked the choir. And he is so, so darling and wonderful ... I just can't describe it. When Stake Conference was ending, I totally understood how Christ's followers felt when He was on the earth ... the whole, "Oh, don't go. Please? Can't you stay? For, like, forever????"-type feeling. ... And, oh, it does explain a lot why I'm still so bummed that President Hinckley passed away. And Neal A. Maxwell. ... And a lot of other leaders. I know. I'm kinda selfish. But I MISS them! And I don't like having to MISS people! ... Okay, back to Elder Eyring's talk)

  • Messages of encouragement are sent to you based on your needs.
  • God sends messages through authorized servants. 
  • He wants our trust. Lack of trust in God brings sorrow.
  • Following the prophet's counsel brings blessings. (Divine coincidences = tender mercies)
  • Trust in the Lord blesses communities as well as families. Trust in the Lord can bless nations.
  • He can and does place people in positions of influence.
  • Listen for God's word and you will find it -- in every song, sermon, and prayer in this conference.
Boyd K. Packer -
(He's in poor enough health that he's still delivering his talks from a chair. I was so worried that he'd die between conference sessions. So it was a huge relief to not only SEE him there but to have him talk. Phew!!!)
This is the talk that is the mot controversial, according to the Salt Lake Tribune's article.
  • Prophets have always been shown what we need in times of turmoil. (e.g., The Family Proclamation)
  • It is intended that we be happy, for men are that they might have joy.
  • Our agency is more powerful than the Adversary and his voice. Our vote is the deciding vote between Christ and Lucifer.
  • There is something very liberating when an individual chooses to follow God.
  • Power is not incidental to the Plan of Salvation. It is the KEY.
  • Satan has no ability to produce life. He wants all families separated and as miserable as himself.
  • The priesthood can break/erase/repel/repair a habit and an addiction.
  • Wickedness never was (and never can be) happiness.
  • A law against nature would be impossible to enforce. 
  • There are physical and moral laws.
    Moral laws cannot be changed by ballot or by battle.
  • If we do not protect and foster the family, civilization and our liberties needs perish.
  • The church makes no apologies for its stance in regards to same-sex marriage.
  • Repentance is like detergent.
  • Forgiveness means FORGIVENESS. For yourself and others.
    Don't look back
    Delete from the mind any unworthy thought.
Yes, we are a peculiar people. And, as much as I love some individuals who suffer same-sex attraction, I cannot condone their behavior. But I love them. And I KNOW that they are loved by Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. Their souls are PRECIOUS. ... And I ordered a copy of The Church's handbook about the Church's stance on same-sex attraction, "God Loveth His Children."
We do not, as many have accused, "hate gay people." We love them. God loves them. I testify that this is true. We love all people. We may not and can not love every choice that any person might make. But every soul is a precious child of God with infinite value. I know that this is true.

Jay E. Jensen
Upon hearing that he would be speaking, I told Michael, "*gasp!!* I know his name!! It's from Eric D. Snider's 'General Authorities Song!!!!'" ... Yes, I am just that special. :P ... Of course, the two versions of the "General Authorities Song" are why WHENEVER I hear L. Tom Perry being announced, I immediately think that he's really tall. (He's 6'3" ... so it's totally true.)
  • Develop your OWN testimony. Know for yourself.
  • The gift of the Holy Ghost is the greatest gift that can be bestowed upon all men.
    It is not restricted to prophets and apostles. It is available to everyone old enough to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • The Holy Ghost testifies the truth of all things and leads one to do good. The Holy Ghost provides comfort.
  • The 4 cornerstones of The Church (Gordon. B. Hinckley):
    1. Jesus Christ
    2. The Atonement
    3. The Restoration
    4. The Scriptures
  • The things of the Spirit are sacred and difficult to express.
Mary N. Cook - First Counselor of the Young Women's General Presidency
  • Be examples to our children
    "We should not permit ourselves to do anything we don't want our children to do." - Brigham Young
  • Be examples of the believers in FAITH:
    Family and personal prayer daily
    Daily family and personal scripture study
  • If we have one hand on the Iron Rod (the word of God/the Gospel) and one hand in the world, our children will suffer.
  • Be an example of the believers in PURITY
    Read the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet often. Live the standards taught within.
    Keep your covenants.
Dallin H. Oaks:
  • We renew our covenants by partaking of the Sacrament.
  • We have 2 lines of communication with God
    1. Personal (prayer/inspiration)
    2. Priesthood (from our leadership)
    They work in tandem
  • Do not underestimate the importance of personal communication with God.
  • We cannot rely on personal revelation from God if we do not follow our leaders.
    Disobedience interferes with our personal line of communication with God.
  • The priesthood line of communication has the intermediaries of the Savior and one's personal leaders.
  • All people have direct personal access to God.
  • The personal line does not function independent of the Priesthood line.
  • Those who reject organized religion reject the Master who created a church at the meridian of time.
  • We should not be dependent upon one mortal mediator between us and our Savior.
  • Obedience is required.
  • Try and help yourself first: Ponder and pray individually first.
  • The children of God must have both lines to achieve their eternal destiny.
President Thomas S. Monson - Our Prophet! ^_^
  • The blessings of service
  • Luke 17:11-19 - The story of the ten lepers
  • "When you walk with gratitude, ... you walk with the Spirit." - Gordon B. Hinckley
    Full quote:  When you walk with gratitude, you do not walk with arrogance and conceit and egotism, you walk with a spirit of thanksgiving that is becoming to you and will bless your lives - August 1999 Visiting Teaching Message, "With a Grateful Heart"
  • When gratitude is given, miracles can happen (or be noticed)
  • Gratitude is a divine principle.
  • Pause and contemplate your blessings.
  • Gratitude is the parent of all other virtues.
  • "While there is much that is wrong in the world, there are so many things that are right!"
    (I LOVE how optimistic President Monson makes me feel!)
  • "This is a wonderful time to be on the earth!"
  • "There are marriages that make it; parents who love their children and sacrifice for them!"
  • Things that money cannot buy and those things that cultivate a deep sense of gratitude (especially loved ones, family, good health, etc); These thing and people are often what we take for granted.
  • "Human beings have an almost infinite capacity for ingratitude." - Aldous Huxley
  • Refuse to remain in the realm of negative thought.
  • Take advantage of ALL opportunities to express gratitude. This will minimize feelings of regret
    To feel gratitude and not express it is like wrapping a gift and never giving it.
  • "Humility does not come from thinking less of yourself, but thinking less about yourself." - Dieter F. Uchdorf
  • Giving thanks "unlocks the doors of heaven an helps us feel God's love. The Savior gave thanks for what they had and a miracle followed." (referring to the miracle of the loaves and the fishes)
  • Love overpowers jealousy and light overpowers darkness out of our lives.
    Pride destroys our gratitude and sets selfishness in its place.
  • To live with gratitude in our heart is to touch heaven.
  • The Saviour's live is a legacy of love.
    With all we have to be grateful for, let us never forget to declare out gratitude for our Savior, Jesus Christ. He taught us how to pray. He taught us how to live. He taught us how to die.
This one is getting really long. And I have PAGES of notes from the afternoon session, so I'm going to break this one up. Stay tuned!!!

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