Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The aftermath ... and more catch-up

Let's see ... so I last blogged ... a week ago. Oops.

What have I been doing? ...

Oh, that's right. I had books that were coming due, so I've been reading. I finished "Need" (supernatural - weres and pixies) and "Graceling" (fantasy). Wednesday was hanging with Mom and volunteering.

I MEANT to go running by myself (doing laps around the park while the kiddos played) Tuesday. However, I had a rare blast of motivation, so I grabbed the silverware basket out of the dishwasher and stepped toward the drawer to unload it.
Earlier that morning, Miss Bucket had spilled her yogurt and hadn't done a good job of cleaning it up. So, I stepped in the puddle of peach yogurt and slid/tripped/flew, spilling the silverware and landing on my ankle. CRAP!

I took some Tylenol and wrapped it and babied it for the rest of the day. (I did take off the wrap for volunteering Wednesday, since it needed to be used so I could run Saturday.) And, yes, I did yell at Miss B. I gave both the kids a stern talking-to about how EXACTLY their actions (or lack of actions) affect others.
(Since Bruise exclaimed, "WOW! That SCARE me WOTS!", I don't think they're about to repeat this scenario again anytime soon. Thank goodness.)

Thursday was the usual ... going to storytime and running with Jenny.
I was so tired out after everything that I TOTALLY FORGOT (as did Michael) about the Relief Society activity that evening. Michael had volunteered to babysit any young'uns that showed up. Good thing none did. We were pretty sheepish. Oh well.

Friday, after Michael got home, we went to the pumpkin patch and did the tractor ride. The kids picked out their pumpkins, played on hay bales, and went through a corn maze. And I turned in a library book that was overdue (I HATE having books overdue. At least, since I'm a volunteer, there's no fine. But still!!)

Saturday, I woke up, got my shower and pulled on some work-out clothes, since the day of reckoning had arrived! Michael and the kids came to cheer me on/take pictures. Jenny and I met up, got our numbers (we were sequential -- guess it was by alphabetical order -- at least of all the people who pre-registered), got our bags of swag and our new T-shirts, and enjoyed some free smoothies.

We were the last of the runners to finish. Mostly because I needed to walk most of the time. My stamina SUCKS. But Jenny made sure that we finished. ^_^ And, even sticking by my side, she came in third of our age/gender group! She totally got a ribbon!
I won a gift certificate in one of the door prize drawings, so that was cool, too.
Regardless, we're 5 minutes faster than when we started running just over a month ago!

And, oh, I was SO. SORE. We went home and Michael ran me a hot Epsom Salt-laced bath. Then I was pretty much out of commission for the rest of the day. I still gimp around a bit.

Sunday was pretty normal ... except I forgot to grab the bag of distractions for the kids for Sacrament Meeting. So I borrowed crayons, scratch paper, and a couple issues of The Friend (the Church's magazine for children) and we managed well enough.

Yesterday, Michael came home early so I could go to my doctor's appointment (A responsible citizen gets her pap smear. :P ... And, really, I hadn't had my lady-appointment since the kids were born. Oops!) by myself. I did have to have him run my birth certificate over (Hey, I don't have health insurance. We prefer to be able to buy groceries without putting them on the credit card, thanks.) to the clinic. But things went well enough.
I managed to pee in a cup without getting it all over my hand. That's a total improvement!
My ovaries feel very healthy. Always a plus!
The doctor and the nurses were all VERY nice.

At one point, I had to go into the lab and have my finger pricked (to see if I was anemic). One of the signs in the lab stated all sorts of things that were NOT permitted in the lab:

  • eating
  • drinking
  • applying cosmetics
  • mouth pipetting
So, since I am NOTHING if not full of maturiosity, I said, "Gosh, I was really looking forward to mouth-pipetting just now. I guess I'll just have to wait until I get home. Darn!"
And the nurses snickered.
And then I had to ask what, EXACTLY, mouth pipetting really is ... and they didn't really tell me. They just told me that it was really old-fashioned. And I nodded and smiled like I understood.
(Michael told me about it later.)

And I drove over afterwards, first to the post office and then to to Great-Grandpa's and Great-Grandma's (Michael's grandfolks), where Michael and the kids were, to visit.
Then we drove out cars back to the house and went grocery shopping.

We also bought a scale, since Michael and I are participating in a "Get Healthy" challenge. And it requires a weekly weigh-in. I'm not thrilled with how much I weigh ... at least I still weigh less than Michael. I mean, that's something. (DANG IT! I DEMAND TO FEEL DAINTY! That's why I always like boys that are taller and weigh more than I do! ^_^)

We also bought Diana-cat a new potty-box. The last one was over a decade old and was starting to break (crack). She's using the new one. YAY!!! And it's kinda pretty, too.

I finally broke down and turned on the heater yesterday morning. To 65F, since it was COLD. Now I feel pretty good. Not ready to break out my swimsuit and go tanning or whatever, but it's pretty good. ^_^

I think that's most of everything.

Well, here's a crazy dream chronicle from earlier this week: In part of my dream, I was a teacher assistant for a few teachers (you know, I made copies and such). And one of the teachers was Neil Gaiman. ^___^ And then, Brittney (from Glee. The cheerleader.) called me a slut. And I wasn't doing ANYTHING with any of the teachers. It was weird.

Oh, and so far this morning, I've done a load of laundry and I have half of the dishes done. Go me!!! (No to vacuum and put away a basket of the kids' clothes. I'm pretty awesome, huh? :P)

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Hilary said...

Your post totally had me laughing! I ran a 5K ONCE. And I won first place in my age group. The girl who came in second was ticked off! She wanted to know what my time was. I told her I didn't know. So she asked the judges. So they told her. It was 26 minutes and change. Then I said, "Wow! That's my fastest ever! And to think, this is my first race ever!" And she totally looked at me in disgust and said, "YOU have NEVER ran a 5K before?" Nope. Then she just scowled and folded her arms! hehe! It was *AWESOME*! Never ran one since. I can't top coming in first place. Well, I guess I could with coming in first place over everyone! But I was good with where I was! HA! Actually we moved shortly after that and El Paso does a number on my lungs so I have given up running for now. Hmph!

Anyway, thanks for the chuckle!

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