Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Come, Listen to a Prophet's Voice - Wrap Up

 So, yes ... as you can tell, I did enjoy General Conference.
Being able to HEAR it really helped.

And following the #twitterstake was great, too. It made me glad, very glad to have such technology available.

Things that I took away from the meeting:

  • We are loved.
  • The Atonement was given to us because we will make mistakes.
  • Regardless of what the world thinks or says, we need to do what is right.
  • Listen to the prophet and our leaders. They are called of God. They are inspired to lead us.
  • We are blessed to be able to receive individual revelation. We are not restricted to ONLY following our leaders blindly. The only mediator between Heavenly Father and ourselves is the Savior.
  • We need to develop our own strong testimonies.
  • We need to be examples to our children.
  • This is a good time to be alive. Things aren't as dire as they might seem. There is still lots of good in the world.
  • Members of other faiths are doing a wonderful job of living lives of testimony and service
    (I LOVED hearing this, since I have many friends who are not Latter-Day Saints. And I think it'd be wonderful for them to know that they are being thanked, publicly, by our leaders).
And, YES, I did print myself off a copy of Ezra Taft Benson's talk about the 14 Fundamentals in Following the Prophet.
I did order myself a copy of "God Loveth His Children" about the church's official stance on same-sex attraction and homosexuality. I need to be well-versed when people accuse me, personally, of hating those who are not heterosexual. I need to be able to defend my church when people not of my faith try to tell me what my church teaches.
(Not to be totally catty ... but I know that it could sound that way ... Who do you think really understands a religion? A person who has been a member for most of his/her life? Or someone who is not? ... I've been to a Catholic Mass and a funeral by a Catholic priest. That doesn't make me an expert. I've read a book by a woman who became a nun ... and has since left that calling. I'm still not an expert. ... Why should I believe someone who's trying to tell me that I'm wrong, that I [and the church] are homophobic bigots out to destroy democracy ... especially when he or she is trying to TELL me what I believe? ... I really just have never understood that.)

(Now, if they wanted to give me a standardized test about my knowledge of religious history ... that'd be one thing. But you really can only tell someone what you believe. Just sayin'.)

So, yes, I'm left with the impression that I need to READ MY SCRIPTURES.
I need to TEACH MY CHILDREN and help them to recognize the Spirit's influence to they can gain a TESTIMONY for themselves.

I need to work on being better about eating dinner together as a family, at having family home evening.

I need to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. (Time for another bout of the Gratitude Challenge?) And I need to be sure to express my gratitude to others.

I need to really, really develop a habit of daily scripture study.
(I've gotten better about getting out and exercising more ... here's my next step!)

I need to be more involved politically. I need to read the voters' pamphlet more. I need to make myself aware of the candidates and their stances. I need to pray for guidance in voting for who would best affect and lead our town, county, state and nation.

I need to stay optimistic and not to get bogged down by all the evil that is in the world. The world is still full of  wonderful people doing wonderful things. 

I need to repent more often and be more humble and teachable.

I need to work to create a haven of our home. I want it to be a place where our family and friends have refuge from all the influences of what is not desirable for us.

These are good goals. Now I just need to put them into practice. ^_^

That's what's going to take the effort. Wish me luck!!

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