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Come, Listen to a Prophet's Voice - Part 3

Sunday Afternoon Session ---

L. Tom Perry
  • Media can destroy our vision of what is right and wrong.
  • From the book of Daniel
    1. Keep your body clean
    2. Gain wisdom
    3. Trust in the Lord
    4. Resist temptation. Be strong
  • Stories in the scriptures never grow old. They teach you to have faith, courage, love, confidence, and trust in the Lord.
  • The Aaronic priesthood gives one the right to act as God's agent, to hold the keys of the ministering of angels.
  • "The Lord is bound by solemn covenant to help you as long as you let Him."
    He is bound by solemn covenant to bless us.
  • Parents -- teach your children the doctrines of the Holy Priesthood from an early age
    - What do they need to know to live worthy of the Pristhood?
    - What do they need to know to understand what power they will hold and the responsibilities involved?
  • Build your lives on a foundation of truth and righteousness.
David A. Bednar - 
  • All differences between us and other religions can be contained in the principles of baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands.
    Baptism by immersion is the introductory ordinance. It must be followed by baptism with the Spirit (the gift of the Holy Ghost) to be complete.
  • How to have the Holy Ghost with you each day
    1. Sincerely desire and seek for the companionship of the Holy Ghost.
    2. Appropriately invite him into our lives.
    3. Obey the commandments.
  • Regularly pray for what you most desire.
  • We should invite him into our lives with the same gentleness that he shows us.
    - We cannot compel, coerce, or command the Holy Ghost
  • Keep the commandments. Pray. Read the scriptures. Seek virtue. Worship.
  • Strengthening relationships with out families and friends invites the Spirit of God into our lives.
  • Casualness about covenants and commitments will cause the Spirit to withdraw from us.
  • Life is a spiritual quest. Not a checklist.
    Seek to obey the commandments with exactness.
    Be humble and faithful and the Lord will lead you aright.
Larry R. Lawrence - 
  • What the world needs now is courageous parenting.
    Do not be afraid to take a stand, to boldly teach your children truth.
  • Parenting is not a popularity contest. Do not be intimidated by them.
  • Love your children enough to admonish them.
  • The adversary is preying upon youth.
    Listen to that warning voice.
    Be united in parenting; If your spouse doesn't feel good about something, respect their feelings.
  • When you take the easy way out, you may be enabling destructive behavior.
  • When morality is involved, we have both the right and the obligation to raise a warning voice.
    Speak up before Satan makes an impact.
  • Say yes to family prayer, family scripture study, FHE, dinner together, and one-on-one interviews with your children.
  • Always be prayerful when protecting our youth.
  • Be cautious of the dangers -- avoid sleepovers and pairing off early when dating.
Per G. Malm - (He's Swedish. Great accent. I know, I know. Not totally spiritual. But I LOVE hearing accents at conference!!!)
  • Using the analogy of a hollow tree, he talked about our spiritual growth and the healing power of the Atonement.
  • We can become steadfast and immovable.
  • If we turn away from truth and light, we will feel hollow and try to fill our souls with things of no eternal value.
  • Faith in Jesus Christ and His teachings gives us hope.
  • A bad conscience is a blessing in that we are immediately reminded is it time to repent.
    To follow evil influences can never result in a feeling of peace.
  • When we are humble, we will be anxious to act promptly.
  • Beware of things that will destroy from the inside out, whether big or small.
Jairo Mazzagardi - 
  • Sin is intentional disobedience to God's commandments
    It makes God sad.
    Its results are suffering and sorrow.
  • We must be alert because small choices make great consequences
    "What may appear to be of little importance will make us slip, little by little.
  • Do not allow sin to grow around us.
  • The fruit of carnal pleasure is bitterness and sadness.
    The fruit of obedience and sacrifice is everlasting joy.
  • Our parameters must be: "I will do this because it is right," not "because it will make me happy."
  • God gave us the Atonement because He knew we would make mistakes.
  • Stay strong. Make good choices. Repent. We love you.
Mervyn B. Arnold:
  • Each week, as we partake of the Sacrament, we covenant ... that we are willing to take upon us the name of Christ.
  • In 600 years, how will OUR names be remembered?
  • We are free to choose. But we are not free to choose the consequences of our decisions.
  • The commandments are PROTECTIVE, not restrictive.
    The commandments and our parents' rules are a protection for our physical and spiritual protection.
  • The Atonement is given because Heavenly Father knew we would make mistakes.
    He loves us and wants us to return.
  • "Would you think it? Would you say it? Would you do it if [the Savior] were there? Because He is."
M. Russell Ballard:
  • Lucifer knows our hungers and weaknesses. He tempts us with counterfeit bait.
    He will not let us go. He will attempt to make us as miserable as he is.
  • Satan uses addiction to steal away our agency.
  • Addiction = giving up your agency
  • Use self-discipline/self-mastery
  • Addictions can be drugs (including abuse of prescription drugs) or any kind of destructive behavior
    Stay away from any kind of substance that may ensnare you
    Just one drink can be the difference between addiction and sobriety
    Follow your prescriptions. Do not abuse them.
    Descructive habits can include gambling, pornography, texting, gaming.
    Social media is not a substitute for social interaction.
  • Addiction is a disease of the brain and of the spirit.
  • PRAYER will help break addiction.
  • All addiction is a futile attempt to fill an empty void with something of little or no value.
    Fill the void with something else.
  • Our goal is to be like the Savior.
  • Is is possible to overcome addiction and to gain spiritual freedom.
    It begins with prayer, but it doesn't stop there.
  • The Lord can and WILL free the addicted.
Thomas S. Monson: (Closing remarks)
  • Please take the time to reread the conference talks
  • God loves us and seeks our success.

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