Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thursday was full of saying good-bye to my mom, going to storytime, taking the kids over to one of my Visiting-Teachees' house (where my companion and I helped her finish packing and cleaning), then putting the kids down for a nap (They had been GREAT, sitting and watching cartoons while L and I packed and cleaned. YAY!!!) ... and skipping the RS service night (what used to be called Enrichment. And before it was called THAT, it was called Homemaking), because I was EXHAUSTED.

Yesterday, we went to pick up Michael's paycheck (since payday this month was on a Friday ... and he doesn't go into work on Fridays right now. And we really couldn't wait until Monday to get some money. ^_^) and drove down to take the kids to Wildlife Safari (where I used to go as a girl ... And I've had friends who've worked there. I interviewed for a job there. It would have been rather exciting to be able to put on a resume that I worked with big cats in a show. But it wasn't to be. Oh well. At least I had a very cool job opportunity, no?)

Of course, as we remembered to bring the camera to Wildlife Safari, I did NOT remember to check the batteries on the good camera. *sigh* So, we'll have to go back again (which isn't a huge deal, since Mom got a membership for her, C and US all to go together if we want) to take some better pictures. But I think that my little point-and-shoot camera from before the kids were born (Thanks, both sets of parents!! It was a GREAT Christmas present!!) did a decent job. We took lots of pictures, anyways.

Then we came home and picked up the house and got ready for feeding the missionaries. I made Fettuccine Carbonara (BACON!!!!) and, at Michael's bequest, vanilla pudding (straight from the mix). Michael cooked up some Chicken Parmigiana. Yum!

(I can say that since I'm eating leftover carbonara noodles for breakfast. Hey, it has eggs and bacon in it!!)

Holy crow ... Bruise was sitting on the arm of the couch and fell and hit his head. He's okay. No concussion. Phew.

And, last night, it was SO HOT!!!! I had to open a window in the bedroom so I could fall back asleep after Bruise wet his bed last night (it's been WEEKS since he wet the bed. Poor, tired, tired boy. He was screaming. Michael was holding him (after I stripped him down and put him on the toilet ... and then I went and was remaking his bed. The only casualties of the pee? His sheet and PJs, of course, and his stuffed lion, Aslan <-- YES!! I LOVE that he renamed his lion [originally Scar] to the name of the coolest lion EVER!!!!!!!) and trying to figure out why Bruise was SO MAD. And, while Michael got clean underwear and PJs for the boy, I talked to Bruise a little.
We went back to bed and Michael's all, "He wouldn't tell me what his bad dream was about."
And I was all, "He didn't have a bad dream. He was upset that he had wet the bed."
(Yes, it's crazy enough that I know what kinds of questions to ask a screaming boy at midnight or so ... The questions went, "Did you have a bad dream?" *shakes head* "Are you mad that you wet the bed?" *nods* ... Thank goodness for inspiration!)

ALSO, in publicly being grateful for blessings: YAAAAAAAAAY for the power of prayer that some totally BOGUS charges brought against one of my dearest besties and her husband were dropped (they were being charged with criminal misconduct in regards to their kids. And, if you even LOOKED at them, you'd know that was a crock of buffalo chips, iykwim ... aityd). But the charges have been dropped. PHEW!!!!!!!

Today, we're going to meet the kids' cousins up at a pumpkin patch ... so I had BETTER charge up my camera's battery. .... Okay, it's plugged in. Phew.

In other news, Bucket now has a stuffed pink flamingo which she has JUST named Julie (after my aunt) and Bruise got a little toy semi-truck from Wildlife Safari. ... Currently, they are sitting and watching Return of the Jedi as Michael's helping (along with quite a few of the EQ and High Priests in the ward -- Have I mentioned how awesome my ward is? Because they really rock) my Visiting Teachee move.

.... As of yet, I've done 1/3 of my Visiting Teaching. I need to make appointments with the other two sisters. I have some VT swag all ready for them ... it's just the appointments that need to be made.

Oh!! Funny thing Bruise said!!
-As we were driving up to Wildlife Safari, there are all these white plastic bucket-things with ghost faces drawn on.
Bruce, ever the observer pipes up, "Wook! Dose ghosts can't wave. Dey have no hands. Only heads."
(Seriously, he cracks me up! I'm so glad that he's talking so much! I mean, at first, he never really had a chance to talk. But those times when Bucket's busy or still taking a nap, it's HILARIOUS to spend one-on-one time with him. I love it when I overhear Mutti (what they call my mom) reading and discussing stories with him. ... It's probably because I already KNOW that Bucket's capable of such conversations and all.

But, yeah, I love their senses of humor.

OH!! Oh!!!!! Have you seen this?

I've trained the kids to do that first part ... the "DAYTIME! Nighttime. DAYTIME!!" And it amuses me so, so, so much! What makes it even better is then they reply, "No thanks. I've got an X-box." And then they follow it up with, "Mom, what's an X-box?" Seriously, I could eat them up with a SPOON, I tell you!!

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Nay said...

You are so funny! Reading your blog is just like talking to you! I'm glad you had a good day and you enjoy your little one so much!

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