Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Crazy Dream Chronicles, Part "In Which I Prove What a Complete Dork I Really Am!"

So, last night, I dreamt that I was with Michael at this ... carnival-thing?

And at one booth, there was Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry! How cool is that?? And they were giving out autographs! And I got their autographs!

Then, later, when Michael and I were at the mall, we saw Hugh Laurie headed one way and I quickly went to him and said "hi" and that we had been (and, hey, in my dream we HAD been) in a music video together. (Like as scene dressing. We had been in gold paint, dressed as Egyptian royalty. And I have no idea how I got THAT gig. It was completely left unexplained in my dream.)
And he was all, "Oh, yes. I was wondering how you were doing." (And he had his American-Dr. House accent, not his luscious-usual voice ... but still!)
And I completely went Dork-Allanna and was all, "Oh! Here's my card! It's got my blog address on it, if you have time or want to read it or whatever. Tell your wife hi and all!"

And Michael's next to me, all bemused at how flustered and fan-girl I am around HUGH FRICKIN' LAURIE!!

And I'm all about to text Bri to tell her WHO I had just seen and that he KNEW who I WAS ... and, hey, I got HIS autograph. And STEPHEN FRY's, TOO!!

But we had to hurry and run through Target because we had to make an appointment at this wedding planner-business that we were running. And the bride-to-be we were meeting, after we got there and were waiting for her and her folks to come it, collapsed in the entryway of our office .... and then her hair changed color. And I was worried that she was dead. And I startted to dial 911 ... and really wished that Nathan Fillion as Castle was there to help (though I've only seen one episode. Still, you've got to admit that as Capt. Mal, he's totally dependable and rather trustworthy.) ...

It turns out that she was mostly fine. But I think that her family was pushing this wedding or something.

Sorry, hey, I was still trying to figure out when to cal Bri to report that I MET FRIGGIN' HUGH LAURIE!! (And trying to figure out if it was a dream when I met him or if it really, really happened.

And then I woke up. And I had no autographs. Or my own wedding planning business. Not that I'm dreaming of being a wedding planner. ... Although Michael and I have discussed that if I could put a wedding-planning business together, I'd totally rope Dianne and Bri into it. We could offer packages -- planning, photography, makeover -- all in one place! It'd be kinda cool, right?


In other news, my mom's up. And she laughed when I told her about my dream.

Not that I blame her at all. I KNOW that it totally and completely outs me as the nerd that I really am.

And I made potato chowder last night. And bread. The bread was braided and had fresh rosemary in the dough.

Yeah, you totally wish that you were over last night, don't you? ^_^

Oh, and I made a sort of monkey bread, too. It needed more of the melted-butter/caramel-like sauce. But it has diced apples in it! And was really good with ice cream!

So ... yeah.

Oh, and I got the house pretty clean! Woot!!

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Anonymous said...

Nice! I would have been really mad if you hadn't called me... and hello, why didn't you give him MY card TOO!?!? :-)

And the wedding biz? Totally good idea. I can do hair/makeup and Dianne and I could double shoot. Talk about big bucks, right there.

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