Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm semi-at-'em ... but I don't know that I'm AWAKE

Okay, I'm up ... and blogging. Not that I have a ton to blog about.

I could tell you that I really like Meg Cabot's "The Mediator" series ... about a girl who sees/helps ghosts ... and is transplanted from NY to California due to her mom's recent remarriage. They're fun books.

Or I could tell you about Nailtiques ... and how, since I started using it (and I don't always remember to apply the liquid protein EVERY day), I did notice (yesterday) that I haven't had nails this long since I was preggers (since, when you're pregnant, those freaky hormones give you wicked-good nails and hair. I've been missing those great nails ... the ONE TIME IN MY LIFE when I have ever had long-ish, strong nails. And it left the building along with the thirty-or-so pounds of bloating. *sigh* Buh-buh, bloat. Don't let the door hit you on your way out! ... But WHY did you have to take my pretty nails with you????).

I mean, I could tell you that when I ordered their little catalog (which, truth be told, is rather small), I was a little confused by the packaging when it did arrive ... it was ... BULKY.

Because, included with the catalog/pamphlet and the ordering card were samples of their non-acetone polish remover AND a little 1/8 oz of their #2 nail protein. (I had wondered why they asked for which nail protein you would want to use. I kinda thought that maybe it was just for informational purposes. It's nice to be wrong.) ... I mean, really! If I were to BUY that sample in their store, it'd be $5 ... and the polish remover runs $3. So they GAVE me for FREE a whole $8 of product! Isn't that amazing??? And it seems to work REALLY well!
(And really, their prices are pretty decent! ... If I had money, I'd be ordering a few things. I keep drooling over their sampler kit and their nail files. ^_^)

So, yeah, if you want to give them a try, GO FOR IT! And if you can support them by buying something, TOTALLY GO FOR IT! I'm completely thrilled by the customer service they gave to someone just LOOKING at their products. ^_^

Yeah, I'm still waking up and am REALLY this excited about a product.
(I've ALWAYS wished for long, healthy nails ... and it always seemed like SUCH a pipe dream. This gives me hope. ^_^)

Okay. I'm going to try and do some more dishes and housework ... get the house into a semblance or order before my mom comes up tomorrow, take the kids to Bucket's dance class, read a couple of books, schedule my VT, and do some more Personal Progress.

Nothing much, right? :P

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Nay said...

Sentiments to you! I miss my luxurious nails and frizzless hair. I guess I missed it so much I went back for triple servings HA HA!!

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