Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What ... 500th post? You've got to be kidding me!

I was just going to blog about the last few days ... and then I realized that, gosh, I've somehow reached a 500th post here at Blogger (not counting the umpteen-hundred that I've had at previous blogs - LiveJournal and Diaryland).

No, I can't have made 500 posts. That's just crazy.
Crazy enough that it could be true.


So, to commemorate this occasion, I should probably do something kind of special.
I'll do the 100 things about me. In a bit of Becket-like stream of consciousness.

  1. As scared as I was of ever having kids, I really have trouble remembering what life was like before Bruise and Bucket.
  2. But I do know that it was a LOT quieter.
  3. It used to be that I'd qualify a day as a "good day" if I got through at least one book.
    Now it's usually based on IF the kids have taken a nap, so I have time to read and clean the house.
  4. Michael always remarks how tense I am when I drive. I used to enjoy driving. Now it's just a time to listen to music as I take the kids places.
  5. I am a carb addict. I love bread. And cookies. And cake. ... Which isn't a huge surprise to look at me. I also love those simpler carbs. Which is one reason I love the holiday season. It's all about EATING and CANDY and BAKING!! Yum!
  6. I need to make a habit of exercising. STAT. (So I can JUSTIFY eating myself into a stupor this holiday season.)
  7. I also have just scrapped the scripture study/personal prayer log that I've been working on for Personal Progress. I want one that isn't a half-@$$ed effort. I want one that is really going to get me in a habit of doing it for real ... so that I'll have a really good daily habit. For the right reasons (Not just to get my mom to sign off a goal).
  8. I can be a perfectionist.
  9. But I'm really lazy, so a lot of the time I find myself getting frustrated and throwing my hands in the air and taking a (sometimes permanent) break.
  10. I FRAKKIN' LOVE my calling as YW Secretary. It just makes me happy. I work with AWESOME people.
  11. I feel guilt that I don't read to my kids more/haven't taught them to write all their letters/they're not doing basic sums on paper/I haven't spoken to them more in German (so they will find it that much harder to be bilingual)/I don't take them out to the parks more ....
  12. But it doesn't stop me from being on the computer all that much. So I guess I don't feel THAT guilty.
  13. I should feel more guilty that my kids love the money song from Cabaret. And slightly guilty that Bruise asks/begs me to sing "the honey song" (because once when putting honey on their toast, I started singing "Honey, honey" by ABBA.
  14. I thought about being a History major. Because it'd be pretty awesome to be a museum curator or something. But it'd be HARD to get a job as that.
  15. So I went into Education, since that was a safe bet.
  16. And also, I'd get to learn how to deal with kids.
  17. And then I found that I really am not a great fit for the classroom.
  18. Well, at least I found that out before I signed a contract.
  19. I hate ants. Well, if they're in or on my house. If they're outside, just minding their own nest, I think they're fine. I blame that on "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" and how the kids befriended that ant. Or else I might REALLY hate them. Well, except that I really loved playing SimAnt. Good game.
  20. Yeah, I like computer games and video games.
  21. Even more than my husband. And he's the one who brought the Playstation into our marriage.
  22. Before that, all I had was my computer and my Sega Genesis. (Yes, I AM that old school.)
  23. Then, Michael spoiled me by getting me a PS2 for my birthday back in 2003. Good times.
  24. I'm always confused by the fact that he can't play a video game for longer than about 20 minutes without getting bored. ... That'd never fly for playing Final Fantasy!
  25. I really like the Final Fantasy games.
  26. I'm still COMPLETELY STOKED that I beat FF9 back in, what, 2002 or 2003?
  27. Yes, that WAS a long time ago.
  28. Hey, if I put my mind to it, I could get to the end of FFX and FFX-2 ... I'm rather close.
  29. But I'm totally stuck early on in Kingdom Hearts ... and that one's really geared for kids!
  30. But I've gotten through the Lego Star Wars and Indiana Jones games on my DS.
  31. And YES, I am very pleased with myself.
  32. Oh, my flip. Did I REALLY just make a tenth of this list about video games?
  33. Well, I guess it goes to show you that I really am a nerd. ... Well, a geek.
  34. The difference between the two is that geeks have better social skills.
  35. I live in the past a lot.
  36. Mostly because I wish that I wasn't such a lamebrain for so much of it.
  37. People compliment my writing. And that makes me feel special.
  38. I try not to let it go to my head, though.
  39. Michael says that I'm the only person whose voice totally shows through in my writing. Really, I do write JUST like I talk.
  40. And I'm a bit bitter that not all my writing teachers APPRECIATE that. It's not like I talk badly or anything. I can be quite eloquent!
  41. Firefly quotes make me happy.
  42. They're like my mental litmus test: If I'm too depressed/sad/upset to quote Firefly WATCH OUT.
  43. I wish I were smarter.
  44. And more confident.
  45. And a snazzier dresser.
  46. And in shape ... seriously, my mum-tum bums me out. And my thighs aren't helping.
  47. Yes, I am kind of vain. In the way that I want to measure up and be cute like all the people I'm around.
  48. I should be a better example to my kids by exercising more.
  49. And not complaining about my crappy self-image.
  50. But I've never been skinny-skinny.
  51. And having a big chest hasn't really been totally conducive to making me feel like I fit in.
    Because it's FREAKING ANNOYING to have to buy expensive bras just to get some that fit. Grrrr. (Makes me almost wish that I were flat enough to just wear tank tops or something underneath.)
  52. But I really need to learn to accept my body for what it is. And appreciate it.
  53. Or to get off my duff and learn to love like motivate myself to exercise.
  54. Even though it makes me sweat.
  55. And I can feel my fat jiggling as I do it. Ugh. Could I just wear a full-body slimmer as I exercise?
  56. I should shut up about complaining like this. It's annoying me. (And if you're annoyed, too, I don't blame you at all.
  57. I feel kinda dumb when I bear my testimony in front of people. Mostly because I feel like I should be expounding something amazing ... but I suppose that maybe I'm not quite as trite and childish as I feel I am.
  58. I have no issues with the fact that I still pray like a 5-year-old.
  59. I still have my prayers answered, so I figure that Heavenly Father approves. ^_^
  60. I'm sure glad that He's not too picky.
  61. It'd be nice to be a LOT more spiritual.
  62. No matter what people say about my church, I do know it IS true. It makes me happy. My faith comforts me. And I figure that they're all free to believe what they want to believe.
  63. It hurts me how little love is present out in the world -- If people loved each other and knew how precious we all are, there wouldn't be near as many terrible things happening. I just don't get how people can be so MEAN and TERRIBLE to each other (e.g., the situations with Kevin [my friend's brother who was murdered] or Brooke Wilberger or those sorts of things). It boggles my brain.
  64. I think, and this is me probably being all naive and kinda dumb and oversimplified, that it must be really, really lonely to have same-sex attraction. I just want to give homo-/bi-/trans-sexual people a hug because they really need it. They're great people and I love them. But I do believe that the act of procreation is reserved to be used in marriage. It's not their fault that they're attracted to someone they can't get married to. They need extra love and understanding. ... At least, that's MY opinion of it.
  65. I figure that we're all just here, making our way through life ... and more than enough are very hard on ourselves. We should cut ourselves (and other people some slack).
  66. With the exception of those that don't give a crap who they're hurting ... or who ENJOY hurting others. I know it's not Christlike at all of me to think this, but I feel that those individuals don't have a place in the gene pool. (I know. I'm NOT at all perfect. I've got room to grow.)
  67. I think the Dali Lama is ADORABLE. I don't always agree with every single thing he's said. But he's SO CUTE!!! And he's, like, HAPPY ... ALL THE TIME!!! I wish I could be more like that. (If he had kids, I think he wouldn't yell at them. But if he did, every once in a while, I wouldn't count that against him.)
  68. I like it when my kiddos play together.
  69. It makes me really irritated when they antagonize each other.
  70. Sometimes I wonder if I've lost myself in motherhood ... if I'm any less interesting.
  71. Then I wonder, if that's the case, is it really a terrible thing? I mean, I never wanted to be the breadwinner or the most famous person or anything.
  72. Sometimes my kids CRACK. ME. UP.
  73. I fear that the day will come when Bruise won't demand kisses from me. Or that Bucket won't want to talk to me. ... And that helps me to persevere through those times when I want to devour them like hamsters do when the hamster mama is just. TOO. STRESSED. OUT.
  74. Shelving books is relaxing to me. That's why, if I go back to school, I'm totally getting my Master's in Library Science. ... Well, that and so I can be cool like my Cynthia. ^_^
  75. I also consider getting licensed in massage. Because massages make people happy. And it's NICE to make people happy.
  76. Makeovers make people happy, too. So I almost think about going to beauty school like my Bri.
  77. I'm in awe of so many of my friends and family. They're really awesome. And I'm not just saying that. Seriously, if you're having a bad day, ask me for something cool about you. I'll have something. You might want to give me a minute. I could give you something totally trite right away, but I'd like to consider and come up with something amazing about you. Because everyone has at least ONE (if not dozens) of wonderful things about themselves.
  78. I often think of myself as a grammar-Nazi ... but then I worry about making TONS of grammatical errors myself. And I start to feel trepidation about just WRITING. ... Then I get over it.
  79. You'd think that since my dad and uncle are blind and hard-of-hearing that I'd be a lot more comfortable around people with disabilities. I'm not always. And it makes me feel bad.
  80. Artichokes still kinda scare me. Katie, if you make them, I'll try them (Since I know that you know what you're doing). But give me time to psych myself up for the experience.
  81. I'd think about skydiving or bungee-jumping ... but my main concern is that I'd wet my pants and have to walk around in pee-pants until I could get dry clothes. And what if I had to drive somewhere to gt them? Getting pee on someone's (or my) CAR? Ewwwww.
  82. I don't really care for the writings of Joyce Carol Oats. I know that lots of people think she's all that ... but after forcing myself through SEVEN HUNDRED PAGES of her book about Marilyn Monroe, I really felt like pulling an Oedipus and ripping out my eyes.
  83. I like Edward Gorey and Ogden Nash ... I like a lot of poetry. Not because I'm deep. I don't often understand it. I just like the rhythm and word choices.
  84. I think I'd have to check myself into a mental ward if I didn't have the internet. I use it for just about everything -- research, finding recipes, comparing prices, reading, entertainment ... I pink, puffy heart me the internet.
  85. Sometimes I wonder if I'd really be that much happier if I were a size 6 (see, I don't even need to be a size 0! I could be a size 8, which is still smaller than where I am now) ... I mean, it'd be easier to find clothes that would fit and look better. And I wouldn't be having my obstetrician (back in the day, NO, I'm NOT pregnant now) getting so after me about my weight. It'd be NICE ... but would I be that much happier? And why does it matter to me so much?
  86. If I could cook like any celebrity, I think I'd want to be most like Paula Deen. When I was in the midst of morning sickness, I was over at my friend, Terra's, watching her show. And I was HUNGRY, watching her cook.
  87. If I can't be like Paula Deen, then I want to be like Ree Drummond. Yum!! She's hilarious and amazing. And I blog stalk her like nobody's business.
  88. I like to color with crayons. Especially Crayola crayons. Call me a brand whore all you like on that ... they're just better.
  89. If I hadn't stopped watching R-rated movies, I would run out RIGHT NOW (well, if I had someone to watch the kids) and watch Zombieland.
  90. Since I'm not doing that, I really would like part of my celestial reward (for my upstanding behavior in making that sacrifice) to include copies of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters. I'm just sayin'. ^_^
  91. I would love to have a pet tiger. That never needed to use a litterbox or eat. Because all that would get wicked-expensive. I just want one to cuddle with and to purr.
  92. You know, now I HAVE to be really good and work on having good habits so that I can be with my Gingi-cat again. And I'm a little worried that I won't measure up. Which makes me sad.
  93. Yeah, I wouldn't mind writing a book. But I don't know what to write about. And I wouldn't want to be accused of plagiarism.
  94. I'm so over Hollywood gossip. I wish that people'd report more on the GOOD stuff that people (and they don't have to be FAMOUS people, even!) do. I do not CARE about which starlet is showing her crotch by not knowing how to get in a car like a lady. ... And when these things happen, I'd rather not reward them with attention ... Unless it's to get them into charm school or something of the like.
  95. Yes, I'd have liked to go to charm school. Maybe I'd feel more ladylike and charming than I already am.
  96. I think it'd be really awesome to find out that I suddenly had the talent to play multiple instruments. But not at the same time. That'd be going overboard, don't you think?
  97. I'm glad that my husband loves/puts up with me. I really don't deserve him. But I'm glad that he sticks with me. He's awesome like that.
  98. Every so often I think about scrapbooking. I have friends that scrap and are amazingly creative. But then I realize that this is ME that we're talking about. If I do it, it's going to be digital. So I don't tear up stuff in frustration. Just keepin' it real, y'all.
  99. I tend to pronounce "wash" like my Nana does: "WARsh." I didn't used to.
  100. I wish that I could get a LIGHT teal DSi ... yes, the SHADE of the color is important. I don't know why. It just is.
And, there you go. 100 quite random things about me. I hope that you aren't scared or anything. Now I need to be ready for when my Visiting Teachers get here. Because they're really fun and I love being Visit Taught (I've been blessed with really awesome VTers in this ward. I do still miss Anne and Katrina. But I love that Dianne and Becky get to see me. ... I should plan a get-together so that I can see Anne and Katrina again soon. ^_^)

Okay. I'll blog about regular stuff soon. Okay?


Jennifer said...

LOL!! Allanna you always make me smile :)

nicole said...

you are so funny! although i would have LOVED to see you hem and haw to come up with FIVE hundred things about you ;D hahaha

Kate the Great said...

*claps* Yea!!!! I made it into your steam of thought!

When I'm all unsickly and not dying anymore I'll cook up up four of the best artichoke recipes I know, and if they don't convert you, I'm sad to say nothing will!

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