Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My day, let me tell you about it ...

I just feel like I've had a semi-busy day ...

Usual Tuesday:
  • Storytime @ 10:30 AM
  • Go home
  • Read books and/or watch a show (if the kids are watching a show, you know that I'm most likely on the interwebs)
  • Feed the kids
  • At some point, send the kids to nap ... and read or clean or browse the intertubes
  • Fix dinner
  • Dinner
  • Watch shows with Michael
Whereas today:
  • Storytime @ 10:30 AM
  • Go over to Grandpa and Grandma C's (Michael's grandparents, the kids' Great-Grandparents)
  • Go out to McDonald's with G-Grandparents for lunch
    (Seriously, they were so sweet to treat us to lunch!)
  • Rush over to pick up my VT companion
  • Rush over to VT K (YAY!! We've got 100% VT this month! Woo-hoo!!)
  • Take VT comp home/Go home
  • Kids watch a show
  • Get through blogs that I've fallen behind on ... like my FRIENDS' blogs. (Yes, I was a bad friend)
    .... Now I need to make dinner, fold laundry, clean the kitchen, clean our bathroom and bedroom, clean my desk, vacuum, clean the car ... all in preparation for Mom and Dad C to come up and spend the weekend up here (ESPECIALLY since we missed them the last time they were in town!).
Do I REALLY think I'll get all those things done today? Oh, H no! I'm not quite that energetic. Too bad, huh? Because if I did, I'd totally be Miss Powerhouse.

Really, I'm about ready to take a nap. Or maybe a bubble bath. ... Unfortunately, Bruise is already up from his nap (if he really took one at all. Who knows? He does seem a lot more chipper than he was when we were leaving K's house. ^_^), so my taking a bath in PEACE? The chances of that happening are slim to none ... and the arrow's heavily skewed towards "none." *sigh*

But I have been blazing through some books. Not as many as I SHOULD be getting through ... but I'm reading more than I was for the last few months. And I'm even being okay with not getting to some books that I've checked out. *sigh* I just need a few more hours in a day. Like ten or twenty. That my kids are sleeping or something. ^_^

Oh well. It's good that I love these crazy kids. ^_^ Because 99% of the time, they're very awesome. More than I deserve. Thank goodness I'm not getting what I really deserve. I'd be in an institution by now. *sigh*

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Kate the Great said...

You rock socks!

What you really need to do is just learn to accidently leave your library bag at your in laws house-- then you'll get lots done. :( All my books are clear across town and I won't be able to pick them up until tonight. I left them there Sunday....Needless to say we've been on time everywhere and my house is actually spotless. LOL

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