Sunday, September 13, 2009

C-c-c-c-c-changes ...

I colored my hair.

Depending on the light, it looks different. In front of the bathroom mirror, it looks lighter. When I'm out of direct light, it looks really dark. It's like chameleon hair. Which is kinda cool.


(Yes, after taking multiple pictures of myself, I cannot keep a straight face. Sorry if you were expecting anything different. :D)
(Also, this is Bucket's FAVORITE picture. It makes her laugh.)


This is Michael's favorite picture out of the ones I took.

Here I am with my Felicia Day impression ... Since her pretty, pretty hair was inspiration.
(So I asked my cosmonaut- cosmolotologist-friend-extrordinaire, Bri, if she thought that I could pull off that hair color ... if my skin tone would be able to carry it off. Triple-salchow-yay for friends who give good advice!)

(Also: bonus trivia - I took that last picture mostly with my feet, laying on my bed ... since my pretty, pretty blue sheets make a nice backdrop, no?)

In other news, we've just been a little busy. I've been reading a lot. We went to the Zoo to the new Predators of the Serengeti exhibit (Didn't get to see the Caracal. They were hiding/napping. And I only got DiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiSTANCE shots of a couple lioness' heads. But I was able to take some decent pictures of the cheetahs and the African wild dogs. Oh, and the mongooses/mongeese/mongoosi were hiding. I was hoping to see those, too. *sigh* Next time.)

I bought some new nail polish. My toes are a true black. (Rimmell #403 - Hypnotize) and my fingers are a pretty goldy-green ... like cash-money green. It's called camouflage (also by Rimmell, but I can't find it on their website. *sad* This, however, is pretty close. ^_^)

Okay, I need to leave for church in, like, two shakes. But I just found two AMAZING nail polish blogs. TEMPTATION.

(They'll still be here when I get home. I can make it. And I have to find a shirt to wear with my skirt. *sigh* I have to get ready and to church. At least the kids are dressed and ready. And Bucket's hair looks really adorable. I'll post pictures .... sometime.

(Hey, if you are on Facebook, I tend to post pictures there a bit more often. Just FYI. I really suck at posting pictures at all, really. But I usually have more there. Just sayin'.)

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Anonymous said...

I'm SO glad you took my advice! :-) I loved your pic you txt'd me... but I was driving and couldn't respond.


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