Sunday, September 27, 2009

I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind, if I put down in words ...

Sorry, I just have that song stuck in my head.
(The version sung by Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge, if you're being particular.)

Yeah, I have been a little busy ... which explains (in part) why I haven't blogged all that recently.

What have I done? ....
  • Had my mom up to visit.
  • Had Michael's folks and the cousins (Bruise and Bucket's cousins over)
  • Got a haircut (Thanks Mom for paying for my hair cut!)
    (It's shoulder-length and mostly evens out out the layers that I had gotten the last time I had a haircut ... which, eventually, left me with a noticably-shorter-than-the-other-layers layer on top. And was irritating me. Yeah, I did lose about six inches of length in my hair (mostly in the back), but it looks much better.)
  • Got Bucket signed up for a dance class (One of my friends from church teaches it. She's willing to let Bruise come sit in for free. And they NEEDED one more student so they wouldn't have to cancel. Bucket's excited. And I'm coming to grips with the idea that I'm a MOM-mom now. Like, I have a kid who has a (albeit only for 4 weeks) CLASS to go to. What's going to happen next? Soccer practice? Luge lessons? Ballet? Football? ... I'm a little scared. But a bit excited, too. And I hope that Bruise will participate a bit.)
    - I've also told Bucket that if she likes this class a lot ... I will let her join the ballet class (also taught by my friend) when she is four. That's, what, THREE MONTHS AWAY? Crikey.
  • Gotten caught up with the dishes ... which I've fallen behind in AGAIN.
  • Gotten caught up with the laundry ... and have falen behind in THAT category, TOO.
  • Read a few books
  • Had Bucket wet her bed for a couple days in a row ... when the kids were both doing GREAT when they went to bed wearing underwear.
  • Washed a few windows (LOVE microfiber cloths!)
  • Had the washer (which I still pronounce as "war-sher" in a throwback to how my Nana says it) leak this morning. [NOTE TO SELF: Pillows should not go on the top of a full load.] But the washer seems to be back to normal, thanks be.
  • Bought red spray-in temporary haircolor for Bucket (Mom bought the kids their costumes: Bruise will be Spiderman, Bucket will be Ballerina Ariel, hence the need for the red haircolor. She's also asking for a purple crown.)
  • Bought the nail polish to discourage nail biting. Have been putting it on the kids at least once per day.
  • FINALLY found a nice nude-colored nail polish.
  • Gave my mom a mani-pedi while she was up. This will be repeated when she comes up next week. I figure it's a good incentive for her to come visit more often, no? ^_^
  • ... ... Um ... I'm sure that there's more, but I'm not recalling everything.
But, yeah, Stuff's been going on.

And writing that list has plum tuckered me out.

I'll try and write something wonderfully witty and though-provoking tomorrow.
Or later tonight, if I'm feeling energetic. *shrugs* There's always a possibility.

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Anonymous said...

I AM being particular... and that was the voice singing it when I read it... :-) I love it when our brains match!

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