Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear by Max Lucado

DISCLAIMER: I am a book reviewer for Thomas Nelson. I have received a free copy of Max Lucado's book, Fearless, for my review. This is my honest opinion regarding this book.
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Fearless is all about how to maintain hope in the midst of adversity and these increasingly perilous times. Max Lucado draws upon scripture, real-life examples, his own experiences and one of the stories he’s written for children in order to help teach how one can live without dread and worry. The main concept that helps to eradicate this fear is faith. Where there is faith (and hope), there is no room for fear. If we know that God loves us and will help us, we will be able to withstand any and all trials with which we find ourselves faced. Lucado shares this comforting message with love.

As I read Fearless, I was gladdened to find some tools to help me stop worrying so much. (Confession: I’m a world-class worrier. Just ask my husband!) I need to remember to rely more on the Lord and His teachings.

Out of fifteen chapters, Lucado spends thirteen discussing fears that people might have. One of them is about money and preparedness (Chapter 9), which is usually what I worry about most. I also found chapter four (Woe, Be Gone) with its list of eight ways to stop worry to be very helpful.

With the world in this state of unrest, I think that a lot of people would welcome the calming message of this book. This book would also be a nice gift for someone struggling with having quite a bit of misfortune on his or her plate.

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