Tuesday, May 05, 2009

At least my nails look nice ...

I get to deal with LYING today.

And when I say I dealt with it, what I REALLY mean to say is that I sent my children to time out while I got a shower and worked at seeing if I've gotten any closer to fitting into the dress I'll be wearing at my friend's wedding this July (Answer: Yeeeees ... I'm still not totally and completely fitting in it perfectly. BUT with the right bra ... and someone else to help me zip up the bedratted thing, I'm very close. Close enough that with the jacket on -- since the top's sleeveless and I don't do sleeveless -- it will do. Phew!!) after my mad exercising for the last couple of weeks.

AND with how much better it is starting to fit, that lets me know that if I keep up with this whole "working out" thing, I am going to make my goal. And good thing, since the alterations people over at "Expensive Dresses R Us" are too booked. Not that they really could let it out at all. So I'd better keep up at least (AT LEAST!) two more weeks of exercising 6 days a week. Which isn't bad. Since I have like, what, another two months before the wedding. And, hey, if the dress is a little loose? Not a bad thing.

However, I will let you know that trying to zip up that little bodice-thing that calls itself a top? Dude, that gave me more of an upper-body workout than the belly-dancing video I worked out to this morning (Though it was CLOSE to the workout I got from the Dancing with the Stars workout DVD that I did yesterday).

But, yeah, I've been working out rather a lot. For me, anyways. I still find it hard to walk/jog on the treadmill for longer than 20 minutes. Mostly because (1) I'm sweaty and  gross, (2) I have little children who don't help me be totally productive all the time, and (3) I'm terribly out of shape, really. But I'm getting better at it. Bit by (small) bit.

Okay, my kids are making it worthwhile to be a mom: They're running around the house wapping each other with "swords" (wrapping paper tubes -- well, one tube, cut in half, since they were fighting over it so, so, SO much a few months ago). Excellent.

Okay, excellent until, instead of beating each other about the head and shoulders, Bruise smacked me in my arm fat with a tube. Owwwww. I'll be okay.

Yesterday, Michael made good on his bargain -- If I got the kitchen cleaned enough so that he HAD a space to do so, he'd make cookies. 
Dude, I was awesome. I cleaned out the pantry, the fridge, AND did a few loads of dishes.
(Now I have a couple loads to do -- the dishes from the food I had to throw out and the dishes we used to make dinner and the cookies. And one load that's soaking and ready for the dishwasher.)

Hey, random question -- any of you ever have this happen to you? You're eating something and then your mouth starts itching and your tongue feels all wonky? Dude! It turns out that since it happens to me when I eat raw apples and almonds (and something in my salad yesterday -- maybe the raw snow peas?) that I was able to figure out that my hay fever is to tree pollen. Crazy cross-reactions.

Well, my mom's due to arrive anytime. So I'm going to close this puppy up.

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Prissy & Hero said...

No, I've never had that experience, but I was figuring you were having an allergic reaction. You can get tested by the dr. to find out specifically what you're allergic to. It might be a good idea considering how quickly you reacted to that salad... Just a thought. :)

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