Friday, March 01, 2013

No, not dead. Just alternately busy, crazy-stressed, or lazy

So, let's see ... what all's happened since I blogged?

  • Bubbles-fish passed (on Valentine's Day) ... which  had us cleaning the fish tank like CRAZY.
    We have just two fish now - Iris (Black Moor goldfish) and Emmy (emerald Cory catfish). ... And Iris is sitting at the bottom of the tank a lot. I hope it's just constipation ... since she is swimming around a little. Just not as much as usual.
    (By the by, water levels are looking GOOD. So it shouldn't be the water. Since we just cleaned the tank, too. BEFORE she started acting tired.)
  • But, going with that last bullet-point, the only Bubbles I'll be writing about is our youngest daughter.
  • Bucket had a dentist appointment. One cavity (VERY SMALL) filled ... and sealant to coat her six-year molars. Bubbles and I played in the waiting room while it was all done.
  • We went bowling with one of the kids' friends from school (and his mom and little sister) on President's Day ... which is fitting, since there's a bowling alley in the White House. We didn't go to that one ... but we figured that we were channeling our inner Nixon by bowling. It was fun. 
  • We called my Nana for her 82nd birthday. She's learned that she can hear a lot better on the other phone ... so it was a much better conversation than usual. I should call her more. A lot more.
  • I made it to the VERY END of the Relief Society meeting (that was going on at the same time as SOTW rehearsal). But they DEMANDED that I take some of the chocolate goodies home with me. And ... well, I live to obey! (I shared with Michael, too. So, OBVS, I'm a very good wife.) Yummmm.
  • I learned on Tuesday that the kids are having their once-a-year school musical program.
    AND it's on the night of a dress rehearsal.
    I asked our director if Michael and I could attend THAT ... but, since the newspaper is coming that week, she was leaning towards "no." ... And, well, you probably have picked up how NOT GOOD I am with disappointment (and there's the fact that I have the sinus-thing again AND I've not been sleeping well ... and I feel like a failure for missing the kids' events -- like when, last year, I was in the hospital on their birthday with a stupid kidney stone), so I TRIED to compose myself ... and utterly failed.
    BUT, thanks to awesome people and modern technology, we have a plan.
    IF the newspaper covers the play the night before the concert, I will go to the concert.
    If not, I won't ... but REGARDLESS, my mom and Michael's folks will take the kids and hold Vesper. Mom will use our video camera (SEE? Michael's brilliant for getting that for me!) to record the concert for us (since Michael probably won't be able to make it). AND one of Bruce and Zoë's nursery leaders has offered to tape it, too. As backup ... and she'd love to see them perform, too. (YES, awesome people).
    Also, a lot of the gals gave me hugs ... which was really sweet of them. One of the younger girls gave me a hug and asked me, "Did you pray about it?" Which was VERY impressive. We have amazing people in this production.
    The director did email me and apologize for upsetting me and told me that she wouldn't judge me for whichever decision I made (to attend the kids' production or the dress rehearsal). I apologized back for my behavior, which was not as professional as it should have been, and let her know that if they need me there, for the newspaper's story, I can be there ... otherwise, I'll probably go see the kids' concert ... since, well, it is the only one that year.
  • I did learn, though, from their teacher yesterday, that I could attend the dress rehearsal. Which is a great thing, too. 
I've been having really weird dreams ... and I keep waking up feeling exhausted.
Then I ask Michael if he thinks that I have sleep apnea ... HAVE I BEEN SNORING?!?!?
And he tells me, "No, you haven't been snoring. You're just stressed out."

And why am I stressed?
  • Well, we're planning a family vacation ... but I'm reaching the stage of "Okay. We're going. It's going to be awesome. And we have lodgings for EVERY NIGHT. Okay, come what may!"
    (As opposed to a family vacation where the person who booked lodgings didn't book the last night's stay. That lead to QUITE a bit of excitement. And I'm still bitter that I lost my shampoo, conditioner, and (MOST IMPORTANTLY) my Dirty Girl body wash. I loved that stuff!*sigh*)
  • Bubbles' birthday party is TOMORROW. The house is now MOSTLY clean ... but there was the fact that I had to CLEAN the house.
    For the rest of it ... well, I'll make a smash cake for her tonight. And we'll buy a cake and ice cream and stuff for lunch tomorrow. I've refinished the dining room chairs ... the old covers that L and I did about two years ago were ripping. Now, instead of plain brown covers, the chairs have cute brown and owl vinyl on the seats. Very cute ... but I'm still getting used to them. ^_^
  • I know that we're going to have to replace the kitchen fridge. And it's a very specific size. Which means that it's hard to find a fridge that will fit ... in face, we'll have to downsize by a couple cubic feet. Which is hella frustrating.
  • Still fighting off the ants. But, thankfully, all the bug spray (some of it's organic and safe enough to eat!) seems to be working. ... Well, judging by the number of ant corpses that I keep finding. *ugh*
  • I still suck at reading my scripture and praying. And exercising. 
But, in good news, we've preordered some awesome movies!
  • I'll be getting season/series three of Downton Abbey ... so I can be all caught up (well, I have to watch my DVD of Season Two. ... Shut up. I'm getting to it!) this coming week.
  • Amazingly, The Hobbit is already going to be on DVD. We should get it by our anniversary ... so, once the play is over, the whole family can snuggle up as we watch a bunny sleigh the start of an epic quest and listen to Benedict Cumberbatch growl ... Seriously, I'm tickled that Freeman and Cumberbatch are in another series together. 
  • And, a few days/a week after that comes in, we should receive Les Miserables. So good. I've only been listening to it for the last twenty years ... only seen it performed live twice ... only going to watch this DVD until it gets a hole burned into it from the laser ... what?
And, not too terribly long after that, we have a vacation! And the kids are going to be so excited! (And I'll go on a lot of rides with them, since they are tall enough for almost all the rides! (Six inches too short for the big roller coaster at one place ... but that's it!)

My kids also say cute things ... Well, Bubbles isn't QUITE talking yet. She's vocalizing ... but not to the point where I can brag about her wit or sense of humor. ;P

We were reading Lloyd Alexander's The Cat Who Wished to Be a Man. At one point, Bucket turns to me and says, "A woman wants to marry a cat?!? *singsongs* AWKWARD!!"
I burst out laughing ... which meant that for the next three minutes, Bruise AND Bucket tried to get the same reaction out of me.

Bubbles really likes peek-a-boo ... however she can get it. Sometimes, she'll just do the motions of pulling something (say a blanket) over her head ... when she's not holding a blanket. :P
But, for the most part, she'll wave and give kisses (wide, open-mouthed ones ... but, well, you can wipe that off!). She loves to give people "high five" ... and we're trying to teach her to pound it (you know, where to people put their fists together? I've also heard it called "knuckles").
She's walking all over.
Yesterday, she was walking through the kitchen, "reading" a board book (she was looking at it, anyways. At least she was holding it right-side-up!) ... then she got into the cupboard of pots and pans.
When I went to get a pan out for dinner, I discovered that she'd squirreled away some books in there!
(I can just tell myself that she's TRYING to put things away, right??)

Bruise's bottom teeth are coming in. No more new loose ones (that we know of ... yet).
Bucket is convinced that the teeth next to her front teeth will NEVER come in.
Bubbles has gotten in four teeth on the top and her two bottom teeth.
Those front teeth of hers have a crazy gap, though ... like Madonna. I'm hoping that they'll scoot a little closer together soon.

So, last week ... dang, I was not feeling great. I was really itching ... It wasn't until I noticed that some, ahem, delicate skin tore that I figured out that I had a case of thrush. GREAT.
So, I got some medicine.
I have to say that the 1-dose stuff is AMAZING. I woke up the next morning and was all, "Oh. Something's different! What's different?"
And then I was able to figure out that I wasn't burning and itching in my ladybits.
Yes ... I'm out of touch with my body ... You'd think that after having a yeast infection for around a MONTH while pregnant with Bubbles, that'd I'd recognize the signs of it more readily!
Obviously not. Whoops!

Besides that, I found a great pair of sandals for SOTW (since my pair from Part 1 ... well, they weren't too tight just because I was pregnant.) and I got a good deal on them. Michael's able to use his Birkenstocks (a present from my mom a few years back) ... so we're goo there. We just need to buy eyeliner (for both of us) and mascara (just for me) ... Twenty-two more days ... and then we have our evenings free again. And Michael will be clean-shaven ... and we can cut his hair ... and I can paint my toenails again.

Until then, well, we'll get through this ... just in time for Spring Break. Phew!

Let's just hope that my sinuses will get their figurative buns in gear and stop being all congested and gross. Because I'm ready to be done with that.

Good times, good times.

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