Monday, March 04, 2013

Yet MOAR cdc

So, I don't remember much ... but I do know that I've been having totally whack dreams.

Not wiggety-whack ... just the regular kind.
(Bonus points for YOU if you got the reference!)

But, yeah ... in one dream, Bubbles was sick. Like really sick. Wasting away-type-sick.
She might have actually died in the dream.
But, really, she's fine and healthy irl.

In another one, part of my dream featured a bummed-out Taylor Swift.
(I don't have much to day about Ms. Swift either way. She's okay. I'm not wild about her. But I don't dislike her either. ... However, I'm SO GLAD that she wasn't cast as Eponine in Les Miserables. Just sayin'.)
I can't remember why she was SO bummed. But I was going to try and help her be happy again.

Yeah ... just lots of weird little things. Nothing that makes sense. Oh well.

But I think I'm starting to sleep a bit better now. I don't feel completely exhausted when I wake up.
That's a BIG benefit.

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