Monday, March 11, 2013


So, between Daylight Savings and a certain regular-type lady-occurrence, I can't sleep. Joy.

I've had some strange dreams, too ... in one, I was hanging out with John and Sherry Petersik (of YoungHouseLove). We were buying me a desk at a thrift store. John and I were cracking jokes involving 80s song lyrics. Yeah.

It could be hormones, but ... I'm feeling ... meh. It's a struggle to keep the house clean. Rehearsals are all crazy-making. I'm ready to feel accomplished and spiritual and contented ... and, at this moment, well ... I don't.

It's probably the PMS-angry-bees that buzz in my head.
Still ... I hate it.

I'm crap at reading my scriptures.
I'm crap at praying.
My blog is my journal ... and it's regular for me to go DAYS AND DAYS between postings.
My house is messier than it should be.
I've only NOW started chore charts with Bruise and Bucket.
We're down to one fish and the tank should be way cleaner.
I need to buy pants.
We can't have cell phones or anything like that backstage anymore. Grr.
(Yes, I admit I have a problem. I COULD quit anytime ... but I don't WANT to, you see.)
There are still ants scurrying around inside my HOUSE. (I had to spray the kitchen CEILING. What's up with that?!?!?)

So ... yeah. I don't feel RIGHT.

But enough about that ... what else have I been up to?
  • Renewed my driver's license. Even with the marriage license where the public servant MISSPELLED MY NAME. ... But we had NO problems at all. Phew!
    But ... my face looks all fat in my picture. Next time, help me remember -- PULL MY HAIR BACK, so it shows off my bone structure.
  • Had to pay owed postage on a letter that came in the mail ... Turns out it was a chain letter for a pyramid scheme. Took that sucker into the Post Office. Because that IS ILLEGAL.
    And hella annoying.
  • Bruise and Bucket stole my M&Ms ... and lied about it. Which rather ruined the rest of our Friday.
    They were in TROUBLE. For stealing and LYING about it. ... They're earning back our trust. But they've lost some privileges. 
  • Today was Stake Conference. I spent the second hour trying to keep Bubbles quiet. Almost got her to nap by hanging out in the (dark) supply closet and singing to her until she fell asleep. But another dad and his (SCREAMING) daughter were RIGHT OUTSIDE, so Bubbles did NOT nap.
    But I did run into one of my old neighbors from back home. He and his family live in the next town over. His mom was my piano teacher and is one of my mom's best friends.
  • Our sitter had to cancel on us Tuesday ... so, thankfully, Bri and her husband and daughter were able to come watch our minions. And we got to visit with them afterwards.
  • My stepdad got into a bit of a fender bender ... long story ... but we'll see what all happens.
    The only reason my mom knew about it was that his insurance agent called. Yup.
  • I had cleaned the front rooms ... but they're mostly dirty again.
    But, since the kids have chore charts now, I forsee it being easier to keep the house in better order. Phew!
Yeah ... not the most exciting week. There were some good parts. And some crap bits, too.

I was asked, at rehearsal, if I was a dancer.
I replied that, no, I wasn't really one. I took dance from 2nd-5th grade. (I also did some swing in high school. Good times).
Apparently, I have "the look."
Which I can't totally figure it out. Was my makeup on a little heavy? Do I sport a certain carriage?
Who knows? Since I don't!

I can't think of anything else to add in this braindump of a post.

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