Tuesday, February 12, 2013

1,001 Posts

... and not an Pulitzer Prize for any one of them.

But, really, according to my lists of posts, I've written a thousand posts already. (Only took me, what, a decade. Imagine if I actually wrote a post every day!)

So, let's catch up ... What have we been up to? Um ...

  • We go to church ...
  • Michael's had rehearsal every Tuesday and Thursday (but he won't on Valentine's Day!)
    He was described, due to costuming and EPIC BEARD and the Mustache of DOOM, as either a "Norwegian Hunter" or William Wallace.
    I TRIED to talk him into painting his face blue and delivering the speech from "Braveheart" ... No dice. Oh well. It's not like I didn't try.
  • Michael and I ran some errands on Friday, after he got home.
    I'm not all that impressed with Arby's Molten Lava Cake ... it's rather dry. Oh well.
  • Saturday was more errands ... get ant spray and a new switch (one light switch, when turned on, was making this evil popping sound. Michael fixed it Sunday. Phew!), get Valentines for the kids' classes, get Bucket a new fish since Iris I died (So far, Iris II has been doing fine. Even when Bubbles-fish, who we NOW know is a boy, decided to chase her all around the tank.)

    Me: This isn't good behavior. ... It doesn't look like Bubbles is nipping her fins. *adds some food to try to distract Bubbles-fish. No go.* Why is Bubbles doing that?
    Bruise: *playing with LEGOS, matter-of-factly* Maybe Bubbles wants to make babies.
    Me: Huh. *looks it up on the Google. Yup. That's mating behavior, right there* Good call, buddy.

    So, yeah, apparently my kids are well-adjusted enough to handle animal husbandry. Okay. I must be doing something right. Right?

    We also visited with Michael's folks and headed back home to get ready (and attend) the kids' school's Family Valentine's Dance. There was a DJ and an crafts table, lots of cookies and sparkling cider (which is important in a minute). They put forth good effort into decorating the gym. They even had a couple gals from a local business come to teach some dancing. (Merengue ... I still really have NO IDEA what I'm doing. But I KNOW it involves fast marching.)

    Bruise danced Gangnam Style with me ... until I, like a beached whale, was out of breath and needed to sit down (Well, maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was wearing Bubbles in the Moby wrap. That does make dancing a bit more strenuous, wouldn't you think?) ... and I got Bucket out onto the dance floor for a little ... until all the aforementioned cookies and cider, combined with the jumping/bouncing around, made it necessary for us to make a hasty exit. Whoops! ... But she did learn a lesson (better NOW than when she's a teenager and trying to impress boys, right?) about not stuffing one's gob before dancing.
  • Yesterday was mostly quiet ... I FINALLY watched Lifeboat (Alfred Hitchcock) while attempting to make some progress at the dratted puzzle that we bought for Christmas (SPOILER: Between Michael and me, we finished it last night. Now to fix that sucker so we never have to put it together again. ... In other, related news, I'm headed out to buy Heat-n-Bond today.
    Besides that, I've been working at getting through the laundry and dishes. They never end. And my mom and aunt are headed up this week ... so I'd LIKE to get things a little cleaner. We'll see how it goes.
    But I did vacuum the dining room yesterday ... so that's a start.
Well, I think that's MOST things that're standing out in my mind ... besides that fact that Miss Bubbles is taking steps now. She's babbling a little more, which is much preferable to her nasal whinings. :P

Okay, housework/duty calls. I'd better get stuff done. Then I can go out and grab some supplies

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