Saturday, September 10, 2011

All the things I haven't blogged ... that I should

So, where did I leave off?

  • I'm still pregnant. I'm not throwing up every day (YAY!) ... but I still am a little ... sensitive that way (BOO).
  • The missionaries never responded to us. I think they're scared of me now. Oh well.
  • The kids' #3 dose of their Hep B vaccine was overdue ... since they had received it too early. Oops. So I had to take them into the doctor's office and have ANOTHER shot for them. They weren't happy.
    But, hey! They had a fun playdate at a park with Otter Pops later, so that was better.
  • The kids ALSO got to go to the dentist.
    I had HOPED that, since we live in a place with Fluoride in the water, they might not have any cavities ... No such luck, bucko. Bruise has at least two (between his front teeth and another by a molar), one that needs a root canal. Ugh. Bucket has a couple that just will need fillings. So we get to be referred to a pediatric dentist. (Good thing = nitrous oxide instead of shots of Novicaine. Bucket doesn't like shots.)
    MY dentist appointment is coming up this week. We'll see how I and my bleeding gums do (Thank you pregnancy. You make me throw up and ruin my enamel AND you also puff up my gum. You heinous cow. Thanks.)
  • We went to the Coast for Labor Day weekend and got to see T1 and K's new place. Very nice house. And they're awesome hosts. Just so you know. We also went to an animal park where we got to pet a baby tiger ... and the kiddos also got to pet a baby jaguar. I got to give a Ring-Tailed Lemur some back scratching.
    (Now I REALLY want to have a Ring-Tailed Lemur for my own. Not going to happen, though. *sigh*)
    We also went to Shore Acres. Lovely place. And we got to splash our feet in the ocean at Simpson Beach. ... COLD WATER. But very nice.
  • The kids had their Kindergarten Interviews ... and got tested for their fluency in English. Then we got Slurpees. Even though Bucket REALLY WORKED at playing shy (As in, she was ON my lap, SQUEEZING my HEAD, as she WHISPERED responses to one of the Language Specialists at the school. UGH.)
  • My dad and stepdad both had their birthdays this week. We called them up and sang "Happy Birthday" to them.
  • Had my first OFFICIAL (not just vocal) rehearsal for Savior of the World. We sat around and read through/sang through the script.
    Oh, I'm no longer playing one of Mary's Aunts. I've been demoted revised to being a townsperson ... they had cast too many aunts and cousins. So most of us got recast as townspeople. So, yeah, I have zero lines instead of ONE line. Not a huge difference. 
  • Michael got a Facebook account!!! Total shocker. But now we're facebook official. And he helps me out when I play Sims Social.
  • I'm weaning myself off of my Zofran ... and I'm doing mostly okay. Lots of heartburn. So this baby better have TONS of hair. (But, I'd hope, not as much as Sasquatch.)
  • I've been having strange dreams ... Last night I dreamt that I made the kids late for their first day of school. A few nights ago, I was acting onstage with Harry Potter and Hermione. We were doing some improvised scene where I was Ron, who'd been turned into a girl. So I pulled the collar of my shirt away from my collarbone, took a peek down, and quipped, "Bloody Hell." The audience found me entertaining. Then I kissed Harry. And then made out with Gred and Forge (The Weasley twins. What? They're funny! That wins me over! ... Dunno WHY I kissed Harry though. Obvs, my dream-self is a kissing whore.)
So, yeah ... that should cover most of everything that's gone on.

Oh ... and Tuesday morning, I colored my hair again. (The light brown had faded ... so I'm now a medium auburn, which is a fun shade.)
And, between washing my face and using my Zeno and an occasional mask, my face is beginning to get all cleared up. PHEW. Although, that MAY have something to do with entering my second trimester.
Yeah, I'm sixteen weeks along now. FOUR MONTHS. Crazy.

So, church tomorrow and getting the kids' lunches together.
Then ride the bus to school with the kids and walk home after I get them settled.

Hopefully their first day is a good experience.
Especially considering that a lot of my friends' kids are getting in fights on the first or second day. :S

Okay ... well, just send good thoughts that my kids will BEHAVE THEMSELVES. I'd appreciate that. ^_^

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