Thursday, September 15, 2011

The last couple days ...

I did not take take a nap. Or do yoga. Or anything else, really. Mostly just hung out online and got caught up (again) on the Mental_Floss blogs and Neatorama. ^_^

So, the kids haven't had their card turned. And, it appears that IF they DID, that if they behave, their card can get back to green. Nice idea.

Tuesday afternoon and evening ... what did I do? Gosh, at this point, I barely even remember ... Oh, I used my Zeno on an inflammation next to my nail (ingrown nail? Hangnail?). It didn't feel very nice. (When I use the Zeno on a zit, it doesn't hurt or feel all THAT hot. This? I was aware. Ow. ... But between that, Michael pulling the hangnail out, and rinsing it with Isopropyl alcohol and using a bandage with Bactarin on it, it's feeling better. Lots better.)

And Michael and I watched clips of Whose Line is It Anyways on YouTube ... laughed until we cried.
This one is my ALL-TIME favorite at present:

I also really recommend the Songs of Horror (or should I say "Songs of HOR-RORR" ... just watch it, you'll understand.)

Good times. Good times.

Also, in full disclosure?
I do still hold Ryan Stiles in a special place in my heart (Srsly, the man has AWESOME taste in shoes.) ... But I've now really become a Colin Mochrie girl. I adore him. He makes me smile. /confession.

Yesterday, Mom and I got the kids to the bus on time, then chilled until my dental check-up (She ran to the store and checked Facebook at the house while I was gone). After I got back (Guess who has two thumbs and a lotta [mostly shallow] cavities??? THIS GIRL!!!!), we went out to lunch (Taco Bell, in case you wondered) and to Bath and Body Works. Then we divvied up lipgloss. And then we waited for the kids' bus to drop them off.

Bucket had, for some reason, eaten school lunch.
She HAD a sack lunch with her ... but ... well, School Lunch was chocolate milk and hamburgers and vegetables. So there was a DISCUSSION about REMEMBERING. (She also had this same discussion with her teacher, too. *rolls eyes*)
And we went to Salem to Motherhood Maternity, where I got three pairs of pants. And we got the kids Gardening gloves (just in time for the service project this weekend!) at The Elephant's Trunk.
Then we STARTED to head home (thanks to Google Navigation) ... and had to stop at McDonald's so Bruise could go to the bathroom and pouty Bucket (because she didn't get a TOY or something THIS shopping trip) got fries. Bruise and I got yogurt parfaits. Mom got a drink (which Bucket got to choose ... because she was THIRSTY. Crazy child. But she was in better [NOT POUTY] spirits then).

And we got home, relaxed and ordered pizza. Which was for dinner and the kids' lunch today. (Their request.) And, after Michael got home (late ... EQ duties. It's good that he can serve), we ate dinner and got the kids to bed after they took a bath.
Mom was impressed that I'm able to read tongue-twistery tales (I was reading one of the Rootabaga Stories). I was especially pleased, since it was one that I'm not that familiar with. ^_^ *preens*

Then we folded laundry while watching Eerie, Indiana. It's been so long since I watched that show. Good times. (Even though, later, while waiting for Bri, I kept falling asleep. I was tired after driving in Salem.)

Bri did come over and got hugs from Mom, Michael, and me (the kids were asleep in bed) and some snuggles with Freyja-cat ... and we got to chat. ... Then we all needed to get to our respective beds. We were all feeling that it'd been a long day. ^_^

And that brings us to today ...
I got up, packed the kids' lunches, did Bucket's hair, and headed out to my dentist appointment (Mom took the kids to the bus and got them on there safe and sound. And fed them breakfast).

I had five small cavities and one large cavity filled. I told my dentist and his assistants, "Let's just get it all done and over with. I promise I'll be a good patient."
I keep my word. The two swabs of numbing stuff (that tastes like menthol cherry ... and then like skunk spray and cherry) along with two shots of Novacaine ... 80 minutes later, I was walking out of there ... feeling like 1/4 of my lips belonged to Angelina Jolie. And I had my five fillings.

The only thing we didn't do is a rebuiling and a crown, since my insurance doesn't cover that.
Or TMJ. So I'll be getting myself a night guard from the store and trying that. Better $20 than $400 ... or over a thousand, if I went the oral surgery route. Since it'd ALL be out of pocket. *sigh*

And I scurried home, hugged my momma before she left, and checked facebook and chatted with Bri online.
Then I ate pizza, once my mouth wasn't numb anymore ... and got the kids off the bus.

And ... I had Bruise read to me. It's wonderful when he realizes that he DOES know how to sound-out and READ words. He's getting so much better. That's a good thing.

Well ... either I do or DON'T have rehearsal tonight. This is a little confusing ... Ugh.
Bri and I are trying to get answers. So I'm closing up.

Picture day tomorrow, btw. Wish me luck in giving my daughter a CUTE hairdo.

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Rebecca said...

Thanks so much for sharing the "Who's Line" segments! That made my day...week really! I laughed so hard! I miss that show A LOT!

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