Thursday, September 29, 2011

Let's see what all I remember ...

Let's see ... I know that it's been pretty much FOREVER since I blogged last. Sorry.

The kids have forgotten their lunchboxes at school twice (Bucket) and on the bus once (Bruise). They've still kept green cards (no behavioral problems) and are loving school. We're waiting on their first book order to come in ... I think I might be more excited than they are. Ha!

I've been having such strange dreams. In one of them (which I blame on Michael's watching of Season One of Merlin ... and I listen in on parts), I was crusading/questing/whatever with a few of Arthur's knights. And we were exploring trails in a forest or a park. Then we had to start ALL OVER. So I went a different way. And we ended up in a mall. So we went into a store. The cashier/manager was gone, but we were looking ... and I recognized the store from another dream (where I get accosted by a homeless man), so I DON'T go into the back of the store. Instead, I cut across and look at CDs. And there's one called "ExCATabur" with a picture of a mewing kitten on it. And I'm all, "Forsooth, my good men! We have found what we've quested for!" and we don't even BUY it or take it out of the store. But we go to leave. And the manager comes back and he's all, "Hey! Where do you think you're going??" And I lean into him to hiss into his ear, even though he's all sweaty and smelly and looks like a pro-wrestler ... Randy Savage? Is that the one?, "Hey, don't mess this up! I'm TIRED of questing!" or something like that.

Then I've had other weird dreams. Like swim lessons with the kids. And my mom. And the pool keeps draining as she and I are trying to do underwater somersaults, so we keep getting stuck. And there's one of my friends there, teaching a gym class for the Masters' program for teachers. And she has two clones.

Or the one I had last night, where I was playing a card game with friends ... but the cards were SMALL. And it was kinda like MAGIC, but I've never played that. Then Michael and I weren't married ... but we were ... well, let's just say that my mom walked in on us in flagrante delicto ... but there were towels/sheets/some fabric strategically placed. Though it was obvious what was going on. ... Yeah ... I don't know what's up with my subconscious. I don't even ask anymore.

In OTHER NEWS, I got the results from the second/last bit of bloodwork for my sequential marker testing. This kiddo is healthy and isn't showing any signs of Trisomies. Yay!
I also had my teeth cleaned today. Strangely enough, it hurt more than my dental work (all those fillings). Though, I DID have some drugs with the fillings ...

Still throwing up a little. It APPEARS to be ebbing. THANK GOODNESS.
But I'm mostly just tired as a VERY tired, exhausted person.

I got to take pictures of a friend's kitten last night. And I posted them to Facebook for her.
Even though, in the ALBUM DESCRIPTION, I did put "This is not my cat," I STILL had TWO people ask if this was my new cat.
No, no. I just have Freyja. And she already got a rabies shot (yesterday). I'm not going to really turn her world upside down by adding ANOTHER CAT into the abject misery of a day having to have a check-up and a shot (and riding in the cat carrier! HORRORS!).

Besides, since I'm TRYING not to give the baby terrible birth defects from possible cases of toxoplasmosis, I am not supposed to change the litterbox myself, touch strange cats, or get a new cat until AFTER this kiddo is born.

I'm starting to feel the kiddo move a little. It's not a constant or BIG bunch of movements. But it's happening. FINALLY. So I get to assure myself that no, my baby is NOT dead and I DON'T need to worry about it as much.
I'm also having a few Braxton-Hicks. I woke up Sunday morning with my abdomen all HARD ... the muscles had clenched enough that it woke me up. And then it went back to normal ... no biggie.

Bucket is reading. Better than I did at her age, really. And Bruise isn't far behind. But this is a nice development. Yay for literacy!

I roasted a couple chickens Tuesday evening. Normally, I love the smell of roasting poultry ... it smells like Thanksgiving at my Grandma's house. But ... the smell of the chicken grease made me really queasy. Ugh.

I got caught up on washing laundry and doing dishes. That was nice. And I vacuumed.
The kids haven't missed the bus since that first day. Always a plus.
Bruise will be the classroom helper next week.

I think that's really about all the news ... So ... yeah. I'm tired. I don't remember much else to report.
If there is, maybe Michael will comment and tell you what I've forgotten to blog.
Or he'll just jot it down and leave me a note.

But, yeah ... That's it for now.

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