Saturday, June 12, 2010

Reasons I love my family ...

As Michael and I were heading to bed, our conversation turned to where he was singing a modified version of "You Are Sixteen, Going on Seventeen" from The Sound of Music.

(Also, it's a running joke between us that he has no heart. Seriously, he NEVER cries. Or gets insanely angry or throws tantrums [like yours truly]. ... Really. I've seen him cry ONCE. In a DECADE. I've seen him get very upset [as angry as he gets] MAYBE twice. In a DECADE.)

I remarked that he's really destroying his cred by singing from a Broadway musical.
He countered that he wasn't.

"What are you saying about Broadway musicals, then? They're totally full of heart and emotion!"
"But," he rebuffed, "The Sound of Music is not a musical. It has JULIE ANDREWS in it. Therefore, it is A WORK OF ART."

THAT, right there, people ... THAT is why I keep falling in love all over again with this man. ^_^


This morning, Bruise TOTALLY cracked me up.

He came to me, wearing his Jedi robe ... and I have to share the second one first. Just bear with me.

Bruise: (in Jedi robes, bearing a green light saber) Dis is wike YODA.
(And he's right! Yoda has a green light saber and wears a Jedi robe.)

The FIRST one --- are you prepared for this??

Bruise: (a minute earlier. In the Jedi robe and holding his red light saber)
             "Dis is wike Down Koo-koo."

I had to think about it for a sec ... "down koo-koo ... down koo-koo" ....

Then it hit me.


(Who does bear a red light saber while wearing the Jedi robes. See??)

Oh. My. HECK ... I have the best family EVER.

"Down Koo-koo." *snickers*


Bonnie-Jean said...

Down Koo Koo.... LOVE it! :)

Kelly said...

I married a man with no heart. I've never seen him cry, and he only gets mildly irritated or cranky. But, it hasn't been a decade yet.

Counting ...

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