Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Back to better ...

So, now it's time for a happier post. (I know, I know. I've taken my sweet time about it. Sorry!)

Now, I don't have tons and tons to share, since I haven't been going through all my usual blogs.

Truly, I've mostly just been hanging on Facebook, playing games and more games (Good news: in Calvin Coconut Island, I've finally managed to build an iron mine, a rock quarry, and the Blue Water Bungalows ... which, unless you play the game, means NOTHING. ^_^ ... But, if you want a low-key game where you own an ISLAND, you should totally start playing it. I like it. ^_^)

This just proves how strange I am ... but I really enjoy videos of Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo ... there are lots of videos on YouTube. Men dancing as ballerinas (not as ballerinos). They make me laugh. When I was in college, they came and performed at WOU ... but I didn't go, since it sounded really strange. Totally regret that. :(

And here are some decently-silly links --
  • There's a website called "Emails from Crazy People"
    This one (No Pets Clause) is probably my favorite thus far.
    This is one (Gary- Landlord of the Flies) that was around before the site started. And ... wow. Makes me SO glad that we're not renting anymore. (Start from the last page, it's in reverse chronological order. And there's LANGUAGE and general insanity. Just warning you.)
  • This is a site that's not the easiest to browse through its archives ... but Funny Exams is full of ... funny exams.
  • Here are some Funny Wedding Photos ... none of them are from my wedding. (We had some funny pictures ... most of them are other people being funny. I was mostly trying not to pass out. Silly me! I'm making sure that when Bucket gets married, she at least has a smoothie or something more than a packet of fruit snacks. I'm just saying.)
  • And here's a company with a good sense of humor about messing up: Company Apologizes, Hilairously, For Mail Merge Screw-up (Consumerist). It made me smile. And want to do business with them, since it seems like they're genuinely cool people.
Interesting news stuffs:
Cute things:
  • - You can buy (or just see how they do it) a kit to make a loaf of bread with a picture that shows up on each slice! (They have a cute blog, too.)
  • Or, if you don't want to buy that, you can go HERE and learn how to make a loaf of PANDA BREAD (Note: No pandas were injured during the making or consumption of this bread. And GOSH, it's CUTE!)
And ... does it make me a terrible geek that I want to know more and more about this (Squee!! Firefly RPG?? DOUBLE SQUEE!!)?
... I've actually never played any RPG games that weren't video games. Crazy, huh? (Although I LOVE reading Darths and Droids - a SW RPG parody webcomic. If you have the time, start at the beginning. And make sure to read the notes underneath ... for people like me who wouldn't get all the humor of the comic. It's a good one. ^_^)
Michael's played D&D before. And I have a guide to Sailor Moon RPG (I bought it really to get all sorts of information about the characters and the series ... never used it to play, though.) that I bought about a decade ago.

But, yeah ... if you want to play Calvin Coconut Island, add me as a friend there and I'll send you a gift! ^_^

Other news: Am dealing better. Still miss my cat. Found her OLD collar that she barely every wore. But I have it. And I put together a little necklace that helps me feel a bit better.
I've managed to sleep through the night without waking up to cry since Sunday.

I think that I'm going to try and make a little tag for her ... It'll have her name and lifespan on it. And I might buy this pendant off of etsy to wear with it. I would really like to.
And I really want to make a tile like this to put on her grave.

Okay. Well, that's really all the big news. Besides the fact that it was Taco Tuesday at Jack-in-the-Box yesterday. ... They'll be doing it again next week. So, if you want two free tacos, go to the website and print off your coupons (one per customer/visit ... and here they have you go inside to order. ... but you can feed the family a couple tacos each. Free! You don't have to buy anything to go with it! ... which is pretty cool).

So ... yeah. That's really about it. Hope that you're all having fun (and that's why no one's commenting. It's not that I've driven you all away by not being happy 24/7 ... right? Right? :P)

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