Thursday, August 20, 2009

Crazy Dream Chronicles, Part ... Fifty-seven!

So what I recall of my dream was that I was visiting teaching a lady who'd never answer her phone. BUT I wasn't trying to get hold of her. I was visiting an old teacher or someone ... and he lived in an old cotton farm. But someone has spread sand over the ground and nothing'd grow (Yes, I know that SALT would have that effect ... Sand? Not so much). And he had a large mobile home that was heated by steam and he had his daughter and her family staying with him. And he was a friend of my stepdad ... and the daughter turned out to be that gal I was supposed to VT and could never get hold of.
And I and a bunch of other people ended up having to spend the night and we watched TV with them. And one of my sisters-in-law (Who, by the by, in RL are all already married) received a large, wonderfully-done, deep-red-colored wedding cake. The frosting cunningly looked like velvet, with smooth fondant decoration on the top of the two large layers. Very gorgeous.
And I got a pretty and antique rolling chef's table. And I KNEW that I owed a very thoughtful "thank you" note to the lady, like a grandmother-type-age-lady ... so it must have been the daughter's mom or aunt.
And my sister-in-law and her husband and I were all making plans of where to go to eat the cake. And, during the morning, as I slept toastily near a heat vent, we watched some show about mountain climbling or something.

Any takers?
Because I have NO FLIPPIN' CLUE what it means, if anything at all.

In other news, Michael has the van today, so I'm stuck around home. I think I'll make the kids take a walk to the closest library so we can turn in books and go to the special storytime there today. ... Small consolation for missing storytime in the next town. ^_^ But it looks like it'll be a lovely, sunny day. And a little heat won't kill us.
And, if I change my mind, we'll just stay home until the nice, lovely, air-conditioned van get here. Then I can turn in books and maybe go to the OTHER library to turn in books and pick up my books on hold there. *sigh*
And tomorrow, Michael will be working on the truck.

If anyone has copious amounts of money burning a hole in their pockets, you're more than welcome to give us some. ^_^ I'm just sayin'. ^_^

Other plans today: wash laundry, fold laundry, put away laundry. Wash dishes, put away dishes (DO NOT fold dishes). Clean the bathrooms. Vacuum, if I get to that. Perhaps work on some Personal Progress, be a good example to my sweet Young Women. ^_^ Maybe watch a movie and/or read a book. We'll see.

Yes, yes. My life is SO super-exciting. ^_^

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Kate the Great said...

It sounds like we have very similar days... we have someone coming to look at the house this evening, and I have to admit that for the last few days I've barely touched anything... Happily the boys got their room cleaned quickly this morning, and Boy and our rooms are clean, so it's just the main house we need to do. But it's all icky detail cleaning, like smudges on walls and such.

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