Thursday, May 28, 2009

What is UP with me?

It's not like I'm TRYING to ignore my blog. I just happen to do so really easily right now.

Okay, first thing to share:
A couple days ago, Bruise made Bucket mad by not doing something ... I think she was demanding asking him to play with her, and he wouldn't.

So, as I'm typing at the computer or just playing Facebook games, I hear her tearfully proclaim, "FINE! Be that way!!" ... Hmmmm. I wouldn't know where she'd learn that from.  *shifty eyes*

Yup, yet another example of EXCELLENT parenting at work.

... So, what else have we been up to? I've been doing better at reading to the kids.  Trying that 20 minutes a day thing. And it's going well enough. Phew!

I put suncreen on the kids (and HATS!) when we were working in the yard (well, Michael and I were really working. The kids mostly just followed us and whined. Or tried to play in traffic. ... Okay, not so much. But Bruise was trying to play in the street. Pushing his limits and all).

We actually have a yard under all those weeds. And I did some major cutting back of a few trees and rosebushes (and have the scratches to prove that last one). 

I also got a killer deal over at Waldenbooks. $52 = an excercise ball with resistance band that fits on it with accompanying DVD and book, Pilates workout circle with book and DVD, and the Miracle Ball Method book with 2 miracle balls. I know that I didn't NEED another exercise ball ... but the one that I had is SMALL (like, if I've draped the middle of my back on it, it's almost rolling over my head if I'm trying to stretch my back. That isn't right) and it's this weird opaque reddish-orange-salmon. Kinda ugly, in my opinion.
THIS new ball is HUGE in comparison and it's a gorgeous translucent teal. 

Hey, I don't know about you ... but having cute workout gear helps me. I know, I'm terribly vain and shallow. But, you know what? I can deal with that. And, you know, if I have cute stuff, I'm more liable to USE it. So this was a total bargain. Since usually a new workout ball and the pilates circle would be 40 bucks each ... or more.

Okay, I know that I haven't written much ... or anything important ... but I really should try to vacuum and get the dishes and laundry done. Especially since we have to leave for storytime in a couple hours ... and I haven't worked out or taken a shower.

Or a million other little things.

BUT!! I took the kiddos swimming yesterday. They LOVED their water wings (Courtesy of a great going-out-of-business sale over at Joe's). Bruise enjoyed paddling in the deep end. Bucket went down the water slide by herself. It's CRAZY how independent and brave my kids can be.
Now we just have to work on the rules of water safety.

And Bucket keeps telling me that I have a baby in my belly. I don't. It's just fat (sadly. I'd rather be this shape due to a baby being in there ... instead of stretched out and out of shape from having had TWO babies in there ... and being incredibly lazy). Really. Don't get your hopes up.

OKAY, NOW I have to get the place clean. I'm shutting up now. REALLY!!

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Annette said...

Cute workout clothes are totally motivating! I don't care want anyone else says... it true. :)

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