Monday, May 18, 2009

No clever title.

Yes, yes. It's been about a week since my last confession post.

Sorry. I've been busy (playing far too many Facebook games) ... doing stuff. 
Michael and I tackled the ginormous pile of laundry. Half of it is folded. We've watched a few DVDs (Disc 1 of xxxHolic -- anime, pretty good; The Man with One Red Shoe, Saved! <-- No, really. There's an exclamation point in the title.).  We took the kids to the zoo Friday ... when, like, at least FIFTEEN schools had field trips that morning. Oy. Used to be that 9 AM at the zoo was pretty quiet. Not so much this time.  It was crowded. And I ran over more than one errant school-child's foot. Some were not on purpose so much. (Seriously kids -- get OUT of the way of a stroller. YOU have much better control. AND if you think that STANDING in MY way is getting you any sympathy, darlin', you're so wrong.) (Also, it didn't help that I'm in the throes of hormonal-caused madness and near homocidal-ness-essence.)

Michael did remark some funny things:
  • "Maybe we shoudn't go anywhere the weekend that you're on your period."
    (No, really. He's allowed to say these things. And he's right. Unless I get a good dose of Valarian in my system, I'm rather ... bwitchy. I can be honest about it. ... And I'm not a huge fan of crowds.)
  • "I never used like hippos much. But since Carl (Bucket's stuffed hippopotamus), I'm really offended at how people talk about hippos."
    -- As we ate out lunch, watching the hippos, EVERYBODY who came to see the hippos were all, "WOW, Those hippos are FAT!" "Look at how FAT those things ARE!"
    ... Since, as I've mentioned, I'm not at my most Christ-like and philanthropric point of my personality, I ALMOST said to one of the boys who was talking about the rotundity of said mammals, "Wow, genius. YOU'RE one to talk." ... But you should be SO proud of my restraint. I try not to make Jesus cry.
But, yes ... having children can change a person.

Also -- completely random -- I think it's HILARIOUS when Michael says "Damn." ... He wasn't even cussing the last time he said it. (He barely EVER says it. Which is why I find it so funny when he does.) ... He and I were reading a webpage and someone had misspelled it "dam."
But his inflection!! It was so great.  ... And so I sniggered and giggled, "You said, 'Damn!'"

(Because, yes, I am JUST that mature.)

Yesterday, my Ginger-cat ... my seventeen-year-old, geriatric baby-cat smacked me.
Okay, maybe it was just a love tap. But it was because I wasn't holding her.
It made me laugh. It's like she's all, "ExCUSE me? I want to be held. In your lap. NOW. Thank yeeeeeew."

Also, the kiddos really love the cats. They like to carry Ginger. And it's so funny, since they know to hold her bottom so that it's supported ... and, like, half of her is hanging over Bruise's or Bucket's shoulder as they (kid and carried cat) walk away. And Ginger is just looking like, "What? I didn't ask for this .... Oh well."

So, yeah, even though I'm all pissy, I still find a lot of humor in things. 

Like how, ... Okay, first, let's get this straight. When this happened, it was late. And we were tired.

BUT, as I was saying, we had gone to bed after a longday of cooking dinner and things. Michael made carne asada burritos for dinner. I made monkey bread/sticky buns.

As we lay down in bed, Michael started to say something, caught himself, and was laughing. 
So, OF COURSE, I HAD to know what it was.

He snickered that he had almost called the dessert 'monkey balls.'

So now I'm SO tempted to text him (and he's probably in a meeting now) "Sweet monkey balls!"
(It's almost up there with the TV edit of the famous line from Snakes in a Plane ... I haven't seen the movie. But I have just that clip here for your viewing. And it's totally SFW [safe for work].)

Seriously, that makes me SO bust up. Don't know WHY totally. It just does.

Here are some more links that I've wanted to share with you.

Cute stop action movie ... music video, really:

SFW  (and hella cute!!) - How babies are made:

Silly - Pregnant women are smug:

(I thought it was funny. And for my pregnant friends/recently pregnant friends, I'm not 
saying/thinking that it applies to you. I just think it's funny.)

Not-so-safe for work - Kindra Sutra (What kids think about sex ... or what adults thought
when they were kids.)

I was not one of these. I was precoscious. I read the encyclopedia entry about sexxoring when I was in first grade. I was shocked that they, the Encyclopedia people, would use such language
as "v@gin@" or "pen!s." ... Yeah. My mom was SO thrilled. (Not.)

Also less-safe for work: "I Remember Andrea BETTER"
(Andrea hated her high school experience. So she sent a stripper to her reunion, pretending to be her. I thought it was funny. There's no nudity ... there is a bit of a striptease, down to undies.)

It really made me snicker. And briefly consider doing the same thing.
Except that I don't know any strippers. And I don't have a film crew. Or, to be honest, the moxie to actually DO it.)

And, to close up, ADORABLE piano duet.


Anonymous said...

YAAAAY! Another movie post! You haven't done one of those in a while.

Allanna said...

You mean it's been a while since I've posted much of anything.

(Don't worry. There will be more link-heavy posts. I have stuff to share ... I've just been lazy/busy.)

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