Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Paging Noah ...

So, you always HEAR about kids overflowing the tub, right?

Well ... you know how we never quite do things according to regular stereotype ...

I think that Bucket's adequately summed it up: "Mommy, it all YOUR fault."

She's right.

Okay, okay, I'm not going to leave it just like that. 

SO, yesterday, the kids are in the bath. I've left the water running and am talking to Michael. He goes to turn off the water ... and it's over the tub and just starting to gently lap at the carpet's edge in the hallway. 


So we drain over half the water in the tub to a NORMAL amount, I'm put on mop-up-this-unholy-mess detail (and am getting FAR too intimate with the state of cleanliness [or COMPLETE LACK THEREOF] of the children's toilet) and using the hairdryer to dry out the spaces where the walls and floor meet. And swab out all the water that's dripped down the heat vent. And Michael's on take-all-the-sopping-towels-out-of-carpeted-areas duty.

YES, only in MY house am I the one to flood the bathroom.

At first, when Michael and I FREAKED THE CHICKEN OUT at the water level in the tub, Bucket started to apologize. We stopped her. "No, it's not your fault," Michael told her. 
"It's my fault, [Bucket]. It's Mommy's fault. I should have been paying better attention," I assured her.

So, during our prayers last night, Bucket had me helping her. 
"Thank You for not letting the house be too flooded during bathtime," I prodded Bucket.
"Mommy, that all YOUR fault," she whispered back. "It YOUR fault, Mommy."

... And it's all I can do NOT to snicker. 
Because she's right.
And it's perversely funny that she's rubbing my nose in it.
(That'll wear off fast.)


In other news, after Michael left for work, the internet stopped working.
(It's back on. Don't get your knickers in a twist or anything.)

So, I turned off the modem, restarted the computer. Waited a few minutes. Tried it all again.

So I called Qwest. 
In the past, we've not always had the best relationship with our phone company.
(They once turned off our phone for no apparent reason. Never refunded us any money for that. We pretty much hated them.)
However, the phone tree-recording guy did some magic. I went through the menu ... and when I got to saying "Internet service," he oh-so-apologetically said that there is an internet outage. And they're working on it ... but there's no time estimate for when it'd be fixed ... would you like us to give you a call when this is resolved? "Yes!"

And, at 9:02 AM ... about an hour after I had called to ask the phone company what the frig was up, I got the nice recorded-man call. And he was right!

Now, this isn't the first time that Qwest has made me happy (getting a nice price locked-in "for life" for our DSL was nice. Getting a new phone wire to help the DSL work well -- very nice. ... I'm starting to really like Qwest.) ... And I thought I'd NEVER say that. At least never with a straight face.

It just goes to show you that having good customer service can really go a long way.

(For the record, I've had good customer service from Verizon ... not that I usually ever have to give them a call. But I did give them a call about a charge on our bill. And the guy I talked to? He was great. And since, as he told me, their calls are ALWAYS recorded, I made sure to tell him that he should get a raise.)

(For the record, if you're customer service ... and I tell you that you should get a raise, feel really complimented. And I hope you get that raise!)
(Also for the record, if I sound all icy and, upon hanging up, say a VERY. BAD. WORD. .. Well, I am nothing saying it because I want you to get that raise.)

BUT, I will make mention that the toilet in the kids'/hall bathroom is SO MUCH CLEANER. I love what bleach can do for a bathroom. (Not so much what it does for my dark shirts. I now have some spots on one of my nicer brown shirts. *sigh*)

I would very much like a nap now. Thank you.

Also, if you haven't wished my sister-in-law, T2, a happy birthday ... go get on it! ^_^


Prissy & Hero said...

Bummer about the flooding. Kids are brutally honest, aren't they? Boo always informs us when we pass gas. What a joy in public. :)

Nay said...

I'm terrible at leaving the water running for a bath. I always put in too much and Travis puts in about inches. Whenever we've had internet outages and we called about it, our company gave us a discount in our bill

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