Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Picture me and you ... Well, how about my kidlets instead?

Well, I think I owe y'all some pictures, still, right?
Here you go! I hope you enjoy then (not like you could enjoy them half as much as I usually enjoy the subjects!).

Yesterday morning, this is what I got to see --
Obviously Bucket had her hand under her cheek as she slept. Not only was it red and hand-shaped, but you could see where her knuckles were ... and it was INDENTED into her face. Ha! She's hilarious. And not only because she has these dainty little hands whose prints fit all on her cheek!

And here's Bruise. I love how happy my little man is. He's especially happy when he can wrestle a teething ring away from Bucket (probably so she won't beat him over the head with it, most likely).

This is one of the best reasons for extended breastfeeding.
I mean, seriously! Look at those peepers on that boy!

Yeah, I'm still at it, enjoying the extra bonding and cuddles that I get.
And, you know, it's so, so NICE to feel so NEEDED. And to know that I actually am doing something right.
(Yes, this does make the mastitis worth it. Totally.)

And, in closing, this is just about the best photo EVER(!!!1) of my Bucket.

Yeah, she's gorgeous. Everyone tells us so. And she knows it, too.
That's why I have to tell her that she's clever AND pretty.
(Also, I do remind her that "Pretty is as pretty does." Even though I'm Yankee, I can teach her good Southern morals [which will please one and one-half sets of her great-grandparents]. ^_^)

Any ideas on the best place to donate articificial baby milk (a.k.a.: f0rmula) that I never used/never will use?
It seems silly to let it go to waste (and take up room in my pantry) when there are other people out there who could use it. Should I just check the yellow pages for shelters?
(It is a little bit of a pressing issue, since some of it expires in July.) Thanks!
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Anonymous said...

Definitely adorable photos of both kiddos, but that's Bucket to a tee. She's so friggen cute! And I'm so glad Bruise has those "lady killer" eyes. Heh heh! Anyway, love you all!

Anonymous said...

And then... blogger randomly deleted my comment!

Suffice it to say, thanks for the pics. The kiddos are adorable (as always!)

N & K Caulder said...

Ok, so that picture of her hand print should be entered into a photo contest. It is SO funny. Aren't they the cutest bugs ever? Thanks for sharing! ~Kari

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