Saturday, June 23, 2007

Conversations before unconsciousness hits

Since, for most of the week, Michael's gone for about 12 hours (including commute time. *sigh* But he likes his coworkers and job, so I'm NOT complaining. Especially since he's the breadwinner. He gets the bacon, I cook it up and try to have a clean-ish home to serve it in. Works for me.), a good deal of our talking takes place right before we fall asleep.

Since, by this point, we're pretty tired ... well, our conversations can get pretty entertaining.

Here are some of the highlights of the week:

Michael quoting from ... I think it's from Wizard: (as Batman) "The Batnipples: I use them to distract my enemies!"
(In reference to the ... evolution of the Batman costume. Specifically to how I still crush on Chris O'Donnell in Batman Forever. *le sigh* ... Yeah. I know I'm not a teenager anymore. But oh, my friends, how I pined to be rescued by Robin. ... Well, that is, if I couldn't be rescued by Gambit ... with his hott Cajun accent and his woo-ing ways. *double le sigh*)

Or, and my friend Stevie should appreciate this. Or anyone from my high school theater department, really...
I had asked Michael, all teasing, "Does that make you feel ... sexual?
And he replies, "I'm a guy. Everything makes me feel sexual."
Yeah, I still laugh about that.
(Back story for people NOT from high school drama: During one play, for whatever reason, Stevie started asking people, after any observation [i.e., "I like cheese" or "It's kinda warm today"], "Does that make you feel [pause for effect] sexual??"

Yeah, I don't know what happened that brought it to her mind to ask people that ... but it is still funny today. Very funny, indeed.

So, yeah.
Oh, and if you haven't already gotten sucked into the wonderful-ness-essence that is Brotherhood 2.0, get thee hence! (I highly recommend the video with Hank singing about Helena, Montana -- partly because it's a catchy, cute song. Partly because you see NEIL GAIMAN! [And, as I have hitherto mentioned, I have a bit of a hero-worship crushlet on that man.])

Or else you could listen to John talk about Nerd Fighters ... he sings a bit. It made MY MOM laugh. Which proves that it's not just my strange sense of humor (since I personally think that LOLcats are HIlarious ... and my mom doesn't get it at all. Neither does Michael, really. But Eric does! YAAAAAAY!!!!)

Speaking of Eric D. Snider (even if I was doing that in parentheses), he totally responded to an email I wrote him (Yes, I AM that much of a fan-girl for him), in which I wrote that I was glad that I'm not the only one liking LOLcats, with "I'm in ur email, reedin ur messages".

Oh yes, I'm still thrilled beyond belief with that. Even if it's been a few months since that happened.
Yes, Eric D. Snider did SO respond to me. More than once!!

I can't tell if I'm cooler because he responded to me ...
Or if I'm more of a nerd because I'm SO! FLIPPIN'! EXCITED! that he has responded to my emails in the past.

Oh!!! And if you want a GREAT book ... and you like romance and stuff ... you should SO. TOTALLY. READ. (And buy!!!) Austenland by Shannon Hale. (I've read her other books -- her Juvenile and Young Adult books. The "Goose Girl series" and "The Princess Academy." I can't complain about ANY of them.) (AND she has another book coming out this fall!!)

And, if you don't mind some profanity and ... um ... stuff you wouldn't want your children doing at college (let alone high school), you should totally read Looking for Alaska by John Green (yeah, the John I referred to in Brotherhood 2.0). I'm looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of An Abundance of Katherines (his second book), too.

Okay, maybe later I'll just do a post of books that you SHOULD. TOTALLY. READ.
But I'm tired of typing now.

Oh, and I went to the local farmer's market today. We got berries and tomatoes. Yum. Bruise is ALL about eating his weight in berries. (I don't think I get enough for that, though.)

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You are TOO funny! Keep the stories coming because you can always make me laugh.

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