Thursday, June 28, 2007

Not quite a Walk in the Park ...

So, Tuesday, T calls me up and asks if we want to play (T is only one of my bestest friends ... and has a little boy about six months older than my munchkin brigade). We arrange to meet in the next town over and let the kids play in the fountain/water play area by the riverfront.


As you can tell, Bruise and Bucket weren't quite all into it. You can tell since Bucket's close to tears and is running to me so I'll pick her up again.

I ended up holding the both of them (except when T held Bruise) and trying to get them to at least put their hands and feet into the streams of water from the little fountains ... in the process, getting the front of my denim shorts completely soaked. Enough so that, if seen in the right light (since they're a dark wash-type of denim), it totally looked like I had wet myself.

After a few minutes of J (T's son) having fun ... but not as much fun as we had hoped... It was crowded and the other kids there were screaming and running into each other (and ME) ... Well, we decided to head somewhere a little less crowded.

After the kiddos all had their snacks. T had a kid's meal for J with apple juice. Bruise and Bucket had some more peanut butter crackers (you know, like Oreos ... but with fake Ritz cracker with PB filling) and their water bottles.

Here are Bucket and Bruise enjoying the waterfront. (FINALLY.)


SO, after we let the kids eat, we took off for Central Park. I put Bruise and Bucket in the swing ... Unfortunately, Bucket was starting to get a little tired ... Or else maybe she just really doesn't like swings? I haven't figured that out. Let's just say that the swing didn't last all that long. (I think maybe about three minutes. Bruise would have enjoyed staying in longer, but, well ... it just wasn't in the cards.)

We would have had the kids play on the slide of in the sand, but with the sun baking it all, J's feet were hurting in his sandals ... and neither T nor I wanted to deal with BTS (burnt tushie syndrome), so the play equipment and the sand were out.

So we let them run in the grass in the shade.

Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

As you can see, Bucket's a little flirt. I'm gonna have to watch out for her. For all the little boys' sakes.

I didn't put up the pictures of the train going by ... but the kiddos all enjoyed seeing it chug on past. Bruce was THRILLED. He wanted to run to it, pointing.
But mean, cruel mother that I am, I wasn't going to let him throw himself into traffic or onto the tracks.

Yes, I am just that mean. But I did take blurry pictures of his little hand and arm pointing to the wonder and glory that is a chain of open train cars going by.

Now I just have to wonder ... are my children really anti-social? Or was it the cold water they didn't like? Or were the other children being too loud and running around too much? Or Have I just trained my babies to be more comfortable around adults and small numbers of children?

Great ... Now I'm being all neurotic. Great.
I think I'm going to fantasize about eating an entire half gallon of ice cream now. Just to calm myself down.

Or I could play with my kidlets. That would probably be the best idea. ^_^

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