Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Why my husband totally wins the Father of the Year award (and I'm not being ironic, like I am usually when I talk about how I am soooooo deserving of the Mother of the Year award).

Seriously, though. Michael is DA BOMB(!!!1) when it comes to being a daddy. It's like he's been training for this his entire life (As opposed to be, where I feel like I walked into this final after just skimming the material once or twice, in between playing video games and high-fiving my friends).

To prove that I'm right (about Michael rocking the Daddyhood-dom-ness, not about me playing video games), here's my photographic evidence:


Michael lets me browse through the library while he colors with the kiddos. AND he makes sure to give me their artwork before we leave. So, if I EVER start scrapbooking, I have their early work.
And he doesn't complain about how short/small those chairs are.


Look at how much Bucket LOVES being around her daddy.
I mean, really, what else can I say?

(Well, besides the fact that his DNA contribution mellows out my drama-queen DNA and makes my kids the cutest EVER. I mean, yeah, Bruise looks more like me at times ... but Bucket takes after her daddy's side SO much. They're a good mix. Meaning that they took the best of everything out of that chromosomal slush and worked it, baby!)


Bruise hangs out with Daddy as much as he can. And who can blame him when his Daddy loves him this much? Our kiddos have confidence enough to explore and to be friendly because we've tried hard to make sure they know that they're safe. And Michael's done wonders with them. (And me, too. Heavens above! If he didn't come home to relieve me from parenting duties, I think the world would end.) (No. REALLY.)


Michael's also very awesome because he does so much of parenting off-camera. I couldn't even start to describe how great of a daddy he is using only pictures.

He makes Bruise and Bucket laugh. He is always available for hugs and cuddles and kisses. He works to try and understand what they kidlets are thinking in order to help to fully meet their needs ... I could go on and on. But I'll stop before I embarrass him (in case he does read this. ^_^).

In conclusion, I lucked out in the husband/father of my children department. I got a man who enjoys Firefly, one who can snark to cheer me up, one who adores me (which flatters me), and one that I never thought I'd find ... especially since I really don't deserve him (but I'm SO glad he loves me regardless!).

Happy Father's Day, my love!
Bucket, Bruise and I are so glad that we have you!
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