Tuesday, February 04, 2014

The last two weeks ...

Yes, yes, yes ... it's been too long. And I don't have any wildly wonderful excuses.

(Totally unrelated: Why do I have this CRAZYSTRONG urge to play Myst RIGHTNOW?)

Let's see ... what's gone on ...

So, I last posted on the 21st. It's been two weeks ... There's got to be stuff.

  • Not a whole lot really happened that first week after blogging...
    Bruise had a den meeting (FINALLY got things signed off).
    I met with the school Speech Specialist on how to help improve his "vocalic R" ... and to work on his "sh" sounds (since he's missing his front teeth right now, it's all about mouth shape. And that R is all about tongue placement. If we just practice a little, often, we'll be doing fine. If he thinks about it, he does much better. So we just need to get it so he doesn't HAVE to think about it).
  • There was the school's Winter Celebration (postponed due to the snowstorm in December).
    Since there are lots of families at the school who don't celebrate holidays, we have a shindig to celebrate FAMILIES. Each child gets a book (Bruise chose one about planets. Bucket nabbed a Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew. I steered her toward that instead of YET ANOTHER Magic Tree House [hey, we have over 20 of those]. Bubbles, being my favorite, let me grab the ONE volume of a series that I was missing [It was kismet, seeing "The River" on the table. Now I have the whole Hatchet series. We're currently just over halfway through "The Hatchet." Now, if we so choose, we can continue Brian's adventures!]) and every family gets a board game (we got ourselves Clue. And I'll be ordering the Master Detective version sometime for Michael. He's YEARNED for it for ages).
    There was also Mexican Hot Chocolate, oranges, cookies, and bottled water in the cafeteria.
    A very nice night.
  • After that, we worked at getting ready for Bruise and Bucket's baptism. Lots of cleaning the house ... Mom and I made sure that they had clothes ready (including white underwear ... which they found hilarious. But it was a real thing! You're in a white jumpsuit. If you don't wear white underwear, everyone will see your panties!). Michael gave each of them a blessing the night before their baptismal interview (You meet with your bishop [like a minister/pastor] and he asks questions to make sure that you're ready for baptism).
    Now, Bubbles saw BOTH her siblings get blessings. So, after Bucket and Bruise had their blessings, she hopped into the chair and folded her arms. So she got a blessing, too. It was very cute.
  • Monday (the 28th), a friend and I scheduled a playdate for us ... a baking day. She came by and we made cinnamon rolls (We used DandelionMama's cinnabon recipe). I also tried to get her into Firefly, but that wasn't happening. We still had a lot of fun. And the cinnamon rolls were well-received by our families. ^_^
  • Tuesday, I got together with another friend. She, her daughter, and her granddaughter met up with Bubbles and me at the play structure at the mall. ... then I mostly tried to clean up the house a bit.
  • Thursday, the kids were off school, so I enlisted them in cleaning the front rooms (we planned that we could have a little get-together after the kids' baptism). They worked on the carpeted areas (dining room, great room, living room) and I worked on the kitchen. They also worked on their bedroom ... where Bubbles climbed into the top bunk and fell out, giving herself a big, ol' scratch on her cheek. *sigh*
    It went okay. The deal was, if they worked, we could go to Michael's work the next day.
  • Friday, we headed to "visit R" as Bruise and Bucket said (R is Michael's boss). Bruise REALLY wanted to go so that he could play a game of chess with him (There's a chess set in R's office) (R and Michael used to play chess during lunch for a while, but it was too stressful for them both).
    R had quite a few projects to work on, but he told Bruise to come see him about an hour before the workday ended (Fridays are the short day).
    So we hung out a bit, then headed over to Trader Joe's (As Michael puts it, I use my trips to his work as a pilgrimage to Trader Joe's. ... Gotta get my cheese fix!! I picked up my Toscana and, this time, I opted to try the Bacon Cheddar. It was good. I think we like the Chocolate Cheddar better). We hung out in the break room (I read Thursday's and Friday's newspapers ... mostly to spite Bucket, who told me that Michael and I never read the newspaper. Because we don't subscribe to one. We get most of our news online!) ... and Bruise was off like a shot at 11 on the dot.
    R figured that it'd be, at most, a ten-minute game. However, Bruise surprised the lot of us. It took nearly half an hour for R to beat Bruise. (The boy's got a mind for strategy. He gets that from Michael.)
    Then, a little later, the workday was over and we headed home and finished cleaning the house.
  • Saturday morning, we took the kids to Home Depot for the free kids' craft (a race car this time. SO MUCH better than that stupid calendar. Even though there wasn't ANY glue, which would have made things MUCH easier. Still, it's free. And we had fun).
    After that, we headed to Costco and Safeway to pick up things for our get-together after the kids' baptism (veggie tray, fruit tray, cookies, flowers) and put things together and relaxed until it was time to get ready.
  • I did Bucket's hair (a braid around her head) and combed Bruise's hair. We got all the kids dressed. We grabbed the camera for pre-baptism pictures. We went to the church.
    Turns out that Bruise and Bucket were the ONLY kids being baptised in the Stake (regional area, a group of wards [congregations]) that day.
    We were a little worried that no one from Michael's side would come, but, thankfully, his Uncle D and Grandma C were there. My mom and C, my stepdad, were there. And we had lots of family friends there, too.
    Funnily enough, only Mom and C came over to the house. And they brought KFC for dinner. So it was rather hilarious that I'd made sure to have so much food ready. Murphy's law, right?
  • It was a really nice baptism. Michael performed the baptisms. Uncle D and one of our Home Teachers witnessed. Michael voiced the blessing for giving Bruise and Bucket the gift of the Holy Ghost (assisting were C, our home teacher, Uncle D,  and our bishop).
    Bubbles was rather miffed that SHE didn't get to get dunked in the giant bathtub OR get a blessing like Bruise and Bucket, but the Mentos from my friend, Dianne, did wonders for distracting her.
  • Bucket gave a talk in Primary on Sunday. She "let" me write her talk for her.
    (I wrote a rough draft, she looked it over and pronounced it "perfect!" ... We ("we," that is) were able to use The Fourth Article of Faith, talk about her baptism, and talk about the Plan of Salvation. She delivered it well. And I told her that she's so lucky to have a mother that writes such good talks. ;P
  • Choir has started up again. Our ward will be performing at Stake Choir in ... six weeks or thereabouts. We still need more people, but we've got a good start. And we have a good start on two (of three) songs.
  • Yesterday, the kids went back to school and I had a lazy day. Besides chatting with my dad, chatting with my mom, and doing a little online shopping (Hey, I like a good sale on practical things!!) and reading a book (more than halfway through!! If Bubbles will cooperate and take a DANG nap, I can finish it up!).
  • Earlier this weekend, I used my Kohls Rewards. I had a bit saved up from getting my enameled dutch oven (with my PREVIOUS Rewards, from getting Michael's suit Black Friday ... see where this is going?), and I managed to get quite a deal! A cast iron frying pan (which is something on my list of wants) originally was $40. But it was on sale for $35. And I found a coupon to take some more off of that. And I had $25 in rewards. So the frying pan ended up costing $8 out of pocket ... plus another $7 to ship ... but a brand-new frying pan for $15? How could I resist?
  • Yesterday, after reading for a bit, I knew that I had to make dinner ... and I hadn't planned out anything. So I grabbed a thing of soup mix and made soup. And cornbread. (Which WOULD have been better if I already had that frying pan ... just sayin'.) But it turned out well. And I got dishes done. So it's not like I didn't do ANYTHING yesterday.
  • Today, the kids' school is having McTeacher night. So I'm free from dinner duty! Yay!
  • Tomorrow, Bruise has his second Pack meeting. He'll be awarded his Bobcat. Then we get to work on his Wolf badge, so he can get his arrow points. (On the one hand, Yay! He's motivated! ... On the other hand, oh great ... more stuff to sew to his shirt. I can manage this. I hope. ... But, really, it's worth it. It's always another step closer to his Arrow of Light in a few years. Then, it's all working toward his Eagle... thing. I'll learn the Boy Scouts lingo eventually.
  • Saturday, we should head to a Girl Scouts brunch. We'll see if Bucket is ready for Girl Scouts. She might just opt to do Activity Days. We'll see. (On the one hand = A network of girls growing to be future leaders! On the other = More sewing badges. More money. More meetings ... But, again, it'd be good for her to be involved. We'll see.)

 But, yeah, it's been a little busy. But the house is still rather clean. I'm totally behind in doing the laundry (should get started on that!!) and I am trying to get through library books before I rack up another $16 in fines (yeah, I KNOW).

We should also do our taxes. And all those other fun things about being a grown-up.

But the kids will get to go see a movie with a friend. And we need to finish getting their friend's (belated) birthday present. (Part of it is coming from those Amazon.com elves. The other part we'll pick up at the store.)

And, while they're doing that, we'll be feeding the missionaries. I'll get Michael to text them to figure out what to fix for dinner that night.

And, well, that's most of everything for now.
Besides the fact that yesterday I did ALMOST five minutes on the elliptical.
And I told myself, "Yes, it's rather pitiful. BUT it's five minutes more than you've done for the last three(+) weeks!"

Baby steps, baby steps.

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