Friday, February 21, 2014

For the Record

So, I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Otherwise stated as, "I'm Allanna. And I'm a Mormon."

With the recent brouhaha about how SOME people think that Frozen has some "gay agenda" or whatever ... let alone how many times people state that "the Mormon church HATES gays" or whatever (Seriously, I've only been a attending this church since I was three ... so it's been nearly 30 years, you don't have to TELL me what I'm "supposed to" believe. ... Some people's children ... *rolls eyes* Bless their hearts).

I just want to state, for the official record of this blog ---

Heavenly Father loves you. Regardless of your beliefs, your choices, your actions, ... race, religion, gender, nationality, whatever ... it doesn't matter to Him. He loves you.
Jesus loves you. Same deal there ... He loves you just as much as anyone else.
Nothing is ever going to change that.
Any person proclaiming to follow Jesus Christ should also strive to love all people and to treat them as Jesus would want them to be treated.


People are not perfect. Sometimes we fail.
There are times that I am NOT AT ALL Christlike.
That does not change the fact that you ARE loved; that you should be treated with respect; that you are a valuable person.

Now, as I said, none of us is perfect. We will all make mistakes. We will all sin.
Even though Heavenly Father will not always approve of every choice we make, He still loves us.
He still loves YOU.

Sometimes people will have opinions which are contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ or to prophetic counsel/revelations. Even if it is a wide-held, pervasive belief or practice, it doesn't make it right OR official church stance.

And this is not, by any means, limited to homosexuality.

I have friends who have found that being a member of the LDS Church to be a difficult situation.
They have been judged unfairly and unkindly by some brothers and sisters.

Regardless, I think the world would be a very different, for the better, place if we could all just employ a little (or a lot) more love and patience in dealing with those around us.

The saying is old, and a little trite, that we should "Be kind. For everyone is fighting a hard battle."
And it's true that we all have a different perspective on ... well ... nearly everything!
That's what makes this world such a great and interesting place.

Just know, that if I've ever done or said anything that has offended or hurt you, I'm sorry.
I wouldn't want you to be hurt because of me.
(I'll admit that I don't condone every choice or behavior that people can make. But I will do my darndest to show you love and respect. Because you deserve that. And, even when I do my best, I know that I'm more than likely to mess up sometime.)

Also, if anyone else has offended you ... like they say in "Frozen," "Let it go."
Not because the person deserves to be let off the hook ... but because life is too short for you to waste your time and energy on feelings that hurt YOU.
If you can, pray for them.
Even if you can't do that, look around the world and find something good.
Concentrate on that.

If nothing else, this is a standing offer: Come to me. Chat me up. And I will tell you something good about yourself. If we're in person, I'll even give you a hug.

I just don't want anyone to feel alone, unloved, unvalued.
Because, truly, you are not any of those things.

You are loved. More than you know.
You are precious.
You're not alone ... even at the times that you might feel the most alone. 

Even if you don't believe in God or anything like that ... just know that we are all in this together. 

Just know that you count.
It's totally true.
No matter who you are.
You count.
You matter.
You are loved.
You are important.
You are deserving of appreciation and respect.
It is not always easy, this life ... but you are strong.

And, if anyone tells you any different, I will have to REALLY PRAY for them
(so that, if I meet them in person, I will not kick them in the face. Because that's assault. And I'm too pretty for prison. Also, it's not Christlike at all. So I shouldn't do that. ... Unless they're trying to hurt me or my people. And you're totally one of my people. See? I told you that you're important!!)

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